Using chalkboard and teacher as teaching aids_Nguyen Thi Thuy Van

Nowadays, there are many teaching aids used in classroom such as visual aids (real objects, models, pictures, charts, maps, flash cards, chalkboard…), audio aids (radio, tape recorder, gramophone…), and audio – visual aids (television, film projector, film strips). However, chalkboard is one of the commonest teaching aids today.

Chalkboard – an indispensable material in any classroom – is one of the most familiar and useful visual aids with every teacher. It not only is used to convey knowledge or to help students review their knowledge what they learned but also encourages students to study and makes the lesson more interesting. However, many teachers do not realize the importance of the chalkboard, which is not fully utilized for the benefit of them or not using them a really effective way. Here are some benefits of chalkboard:
Chalkboard is exhibition halls. It means that teacher can hang students’ work art to exhibit and show to other students in class.
Chalkboard is a wonderful stage. Students can stand on platform board to sing songs as a singer, dramatic play as an actor or dance as a dancer. For instance, in unit 5: Our Friends (page 46) English 3, teacher can tell a story about friendship such as “Happy Tree Friends” story and then asks students perform that story. We can decorate chalkboard background to make story lively.
Chalkboard is an ideal playground. Teacher can organize games on the board so that students participate.

Besides, teacher also is considered as useful teaching aids. They play an important and indispensable role in classroom
Teacher is a friend. Friendliness and closeness of the teacher to student as a friend of them will help them feel no tension in the classroom.
Teacher is a story-teller – tell students stories to help them concentrate on the lesson. Through the story, teacher can teach vocabulary or structure grammar to students. It really is a wonderful teaching way.
Teacher is an observer – observe whole class to know what students do.
Teacher is a role- player. Teacher can take part in activities and role play in conservation with students.

In conclusion, there are many kinds of teaching aids which you can use in teaching and each of them has different advantages. However, in my opinion, chalkboard and teacher are the most important teaching aids.


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