Using Music in the Classroom

Music is an amazing tool for teaching languages, especially to children. Good songs will create a strong impression for learner so they will keep it in their mind longer. Young learners pick up vocabulary, grammatical structures, and the rhythm of the language simply by doing what they already love to do…singing. In addition, music can serve a variety of functions in your classroom, at home, or even in the car. Music can set a mood. Music can signal a transition from one activity to another (for both the teacher and the student). Don’t just take care how to make our learning environment become attractive and beautiful, you should also note the effect that music has on the atmosphere in the classroom. For children learning a foreign language, music can really help to make them feel exited when put their legs into class.

There are some ways you can use music in the class:

–          Play music in the background from the start of the lesson

–          Play music to signal transitions to the teacher

–          Play music to signal transitions to the student

–          Play music to manage the energy level of the class

–          Play music to introduce new language …

Songs are great way to teach language to young learner. Even when they don’t fully understand all the lyrics, they are excited to try to sing follow. When you have song with simple lyrics that kids can dance and use gesture, sing. They learn so quickly from the songs, so it is good method teaching for kids

Each song with each theme, teacher can teach some new words base on theme. It can help kids remember vocabulary follow group. And it is easy for teacher to review both new words and old word. For example, when you teach the song named ‘What color is the sky?’ you help student recognize and distinguish colors or after learning the song named ‘Five little duck’, student can know how to count. Teaching group word helps student remember easily.

In addition, when you are singing and dancing, you interact with the language in so many ways, you move, you pronoun … All of them help student find out new word and remember new words easily and quickly. Students will feel more enthusiastic and interested than some tradition teaching ways. Besides, when you use song to teach, you save much money. Teacher can stand up and use simple gesture, body language … to teach student. Of course, student will prefer it than they just look at the board and read.

Using music is also quite good method to teach kids, it is not only simple and excited way but also help student practice speaking skill, listening skill, grammar, vocabulary or even thought the way to use body language in English


One thought on “Using Music in the Classroom

  1. Thank for your sharing about some ideas and I agree with you that song is one of the good ways to attract children in teaching English. There are many benefits in using music to teach English for children. Firstly, I want to say that songs play an important role in teaching, it very useful because songs are a great tool to use in the classroom for young learners who are developing language skills. Secondly, children learn by heart songs and practice the structure, grammar, and vocabulary. The children will have chance to show themselves throughout sing a song and make them more confident in front of crowed. Young learner likes singing, so they are very excited to learn. I think that the teacher should have a method to teach songs for children which suitable for aged. I hope that teaching English for children by using songs will be the best ways.

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