what I have learnt from “Taare Zameen Par”

         The first thing I must say that thank you very much,  Mr. Huy. Why I say that because of the meaningful film you suggested us. I think it is worth to see this film “Taare Zameen Par” or another name is “Like Stars On Earh”. The title of the film firstly impresses me very much. That’s really an interesting film that teachers, parents and also teacher-trainees like us should watch and contemplate.

             Every one has their own talent. Each of us is like a star in the sky. One is bright at this time and another becomes shinning at that time as well as one is good at math and another performs well with linguistics. The boy-Issac, a special boy- who is talented of art but no one at first can not realize that qualification. Parents are  not only mother and father but also become  close friends with children. They should stand by him, plan a goal for him but always encourage him to develop his talent. However, Issac in the film has to endure the depressiveness from his parents. They all want him to be like his older brother. They forget the pictures he made to focus on the purposes they set for him and force him to accomplish them. Under the pressure, he becomes a boy who doesn’t want to talk with parents and can not get along with his friends. At school, he has to suffer from classmates’ unfriendly look. He doesn’t have any close friend in his class. Teacher becomes disappointed at him because of his bad results of every test and exam. After a series of troubles, his parents decide to send him to a far boarding school. He falls himself down into hopelessness about his parents’ decision. He has to try the best to overcome each test but the result isn’t  not only improved but also he becomes a selfishness boy. A new art teacher comes to this school, tries to help him back up his interest in learning and other people due to the aim of developing his ability in art. He doesn’t consider Issac as mental handicapped person as his parents’. He tries to become his friend and by his loving and caring attitude, he already saves a life. He discovers special abilities in a disable-like-person. After the film, we understand the role of parents in educating children is very important. They should be close with their children to develop their strengths in spite of it can not be seen at first. Adopted the film, we can see the relationship between parents and school is really necessary in learning orientation for children. Honestly, I and many people, I’m sure, cried after seeing this film and understand what we should do in the future.


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