working with your parents and classroom management

Hi, everyone. My name is sen, I am a member of group 2. Today I am talking to you about two main factors to success with young learners: working with parents and classroom management

Working with parents and classroom management are two main keys to success with younger learners. Working with parents helps teachers  have the understanding about their children such as their spychology and interests. thanks to working with parents,  the teacher will know the strong points and weak points of the students, which helps the teacher to have the  special strategies to help students learn better. In addition, classroom management is also a effective way to help students learn well

Firstly, working with parents will build partnership betwween parents and teacher. This communication betwween the teacher and teacher will creat the equal partnership between the family and the school. It helps people to have possibility of caring, postering and teaching children. It is not the responsibility of only school, or it is not ony the respnosibility or the family. The family and school are the most important social institutions in developing both mental and physical of children.  The family is where the children can grow up, have the love and care of parents…in addition, the school is where the children can learn about the world, develop social responsibility and accquire social-interpersonal skills. The teacher should sometimes to organize and invite the parents to special events, inviting them to look at children’s work in the classroom, which will only help to build partnerships with parents but also help children learn effectively.

Secondly, classroom management is one another main key to success with children. It plays an important role in teaching young learners. The teacher have to know how to motivate, discipline and respect children. Firstly, the teacher has to motivate student to take part in the lesson. It means that the teacher should orginize diverse activities to teach them such as asking them to work in small groups to play games, work in pairs to discuss and solve the problem…Another factor is that the teacher should have the disciplines in the classroom such as not going to school late, not eat ing and littering,not chatting with their friends, not playing games, not sleeping …, which discipline them not only at school  but also in their life. Futhermore, the teacher should respect the students. It means that they shouldn’t scold and criticize children when they make mistake though it is small or big. The teacher should remind and advise the children in friendly and sincere way. In additon, the teacher should respect the ideals’ students for example, when the teacher check the english writing for children the teacher should base on children’ ideas and then help them to develop and complete the ideas to have a completed and effective writing , or if some children have some ideas to help the study useful and effective. The teacher should review and apply if feel effective for children

Working with parents and classroom management are two important keys to success with young learners. They helps students learn better. So being a teacher we should work with learners’ parents and manage classroom well.


One thought on “working with your parents and classroom management

  1. I agree with your idea that working with parents and classroom management is important for young learner, as a key to success which helps teacher understand about them more. Firstly, working with parents, you said that working with parents will built partnership between parents and teacher. It is the truth if their parents care, but today many parents don’t care children’s learning. They are too busy with their work not to spend time on children. Besides many parents always combine with the school, they think that learning is the best way to success. Secondly, classroom management is one another main key to success with children. Classroom management means that the teacher has to organize many activities and ask learners take part in or work in pair to solve the problem. Another, the teacher should have discipline to control student’s activity and respect students. When they don’t concentrate on the lesson, the teacher can give some advice and use games to motivate. The best thing is that the student is center. In my opinion, your journal is too general to understand the important of working with parents and classroom management. You should focus on main points, collect and analyse information. Thanks you for your ideas!!! I hope that these ideas will be good for your class.

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