“Taare Zameen Par”

The film talks about a young boy named Ishaan Awasthi. He has the difficulty in reading and spelling but has talent of art. Nevertheless, his father did not know this problem; he always thought that Ishaan’s bad result is from his laziness and compared Ishaan with his brother. This make him feel dispirited. That the life at boarding school after his father decided to send him to the school give the dispiriting to the highest degree. Luckily, teacher Aamin Khan realized his problem and helped him to overcome…

This is the film of India but I see that there are many similarities with Vietnam. Especially, the meaning of the film is not only for the Indian but also for many other countries.

1, Parents should not compare their children with the other. Not all kids are similar. Each people have their own ability. Parent cannot force their children to be similar with the others. It can be true that the comparisons can create motivation for them to strive but if compared too much, it will become the pressure. It will make kids feel that they are not as good as the others, decline or lose their confidence.

2, Parents should give their children the opportunities to develop their ability and dream. Parents always want their kids to follow their requirements and needs. They want kid to learn this subject, play that musical instrument and want them to get the jobs that parents want. In the film, although Ishaan has talent of art, his father wants him to become businessperson, teacher or doctor. He did not take notice of talent as well as ability of his son. Therefore, instead of forcing the kids to do whatever parents want, they should give them the conditions to develop the ability.

3, In teaching process, teacher should not apply a teaching and learning method for all students. Each student has different strengths and weakness. Teacher should combine variety activities or methods in teaching process to promote strengths and limit weakness as well as balance ability of students.

Moreover, teacher should define the reason of the student’s bad results and give the suitable solutions. Teacher can help them overcome the difficulty, improve the study, etc. Especially, teacher should not criticize the bad result in front of the class, it will make the student fell ashamed, dispirited and be kept away from their friends.

In conclusion, the film has the educational meanings to the people, especially children, parent and teachers. Each people can draw lesson for own from the film.

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3 thoughts on ““Taare Zameen Par”

  1. hi MI Xu!
    i have read your writing and really been impressed with your writing’s style. It is strange to me because your voice in your writing is strongly and clearly. you are frankly to share your ideas about the education in Vietnam and many countries in the world. You also mention much to the children’s interests and the attitude of their parents to their dream. there are many hot problems in this situation, not only in the past but also today. in many families, parents always force their son to follow their expectation and don’t care their son’s think. lastly, i want to say Thanks for your sharing!

  2. Hi Cam Anh!
    I also watched this movie. At the beginning, when I see the time of this film is near three hours, I felt very bored because I don’t like Idian film. However, while and after watching this movie, I feel very happy and think that it is a meaningful film. Your writing helps me recall the storyline of the film. I totally agree with you that environment and education are factors affecting to brain of children. I think if children are gotten love, caring and encouragement, they can have motivation to overcome dificulties and get considerable success. And they will get worse if the contrary. We are teachers, so our duty is to train and find talent. Therefore, I like your sentence “Teacher is also an important person who can change a bad students become a good students”. I hope that we can be like Nikumbn who can help students as Ishaan in the film.
    This is my comment about your writing. Thanks for your sharing!

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