Fruit Song

This is my generated song. I think It’s hellpful for teacher when you teach the children a lesson about names of fruits. the main purpose of this song is to help student have an easy-to-remember lesson about names of fruits. moreover, student learn a structure from this song

link of the song


6 thoughts on “Fruit Song

  1. Hi Huyen
    I’m Hoai. After listening to your song, I have some comments.
    First, I want to say thank you when you try to sing this song for everyone to listen. It’s really your effort . You said clearly about the purpose of this song. I think it is really a useful song for students to remember lesson about names of fruits and learn a structure from this song . However, You should mention about how to use this song and use it in what lesson .
    Secondly,, you also should give the lyrics. It’s very easy to remember and sing.
    About your voice, I see it is loud and articulate enough so that I can listen it.
    Lastly, thank you again about sharing.

  2. hi Huyen!
    i’m very interested after listening your record that is about animals. It makes me remember to
    a song which my teacher taught me at primary school and I really feel thrilling. today, i hear your voice and im very happy. Thanks for your record! your record is very good and I think it is suitable for all children to sing. Teaching the new words through song is one of the best way. Because of little age, children love singing and dancing. thus, I think your song will be welcomed. However, there are some problems in your record. firstly, your voice is too soft, you should sing louder and use some techniques to make pay more attention for children. Secondly, I don’t know you are teaching which part in which lesson, thus you should mention the title of the lesson what you are using.
    lastly, thanks for your sharing! 🙂 🙂

  3. Hello,Huyen.
    first i like your songs very much. it’s so interesting with full of beat and your voice. this song is useful for the lesson about the fruits, i think our children will love it and like to perform it in class. In your recording, i also want to give you some advice
    with a song, teaching a song also brings knowledge for our kids.With your songs, it’s about the name of some fruits, so you should add more about new words for the song. I means the songs also need a plan for this, to help our children not only sing again but also learn more about words, grammar, performance through the song. You also should give the lyrics for the readers,that makes your writing more clearly.
    If possible, i think you should fix your recording to become more perfect like a singer 🙂
    thanks for your meaningful song.

  4. Hi, Huyen.
    Thanks for your song record. I really like it because it is very interesting. With children at primary school, they like to sing very much and your song is easy to sing. It is a song about some fruits which can help students learns somes new words about fruits . However, you should add a lesson plan with your song record to help readers know what you do and what is your purpose. Moreover, you also should sing slower and louder. It is my comment about your sharing.

  5. Thank for your sharing.
    It is quite useful song when teaching to students (primary school). It is funny song within interesting rhythm and is very easy to sing. However, your example song in the soundclound website is seem to be too quick so difficult to follow. You should decrease the speech and add the words of song to easier to audiences. It is my thought after concern about your sharing. I hope that it useful to you.

  6. thanks for your sharing.
    it is an interesting and funny song for children with interesting lyric and I feel it is quite easy to understand and follow however, you should slow down the speed of the song and make the lyric clearer for children to follow. anyways, thanks you so much.

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