Storytelling, a magic skill of an excellent teacher in primary school

Story has many benefits for kids and it really has the power with them, so storytelling is an effective tool to teaching language for children. It’s an important skill of an active teacher. Firstly, we can be easy to realize that storytelling is also used by parents because children love stories. Moreover, storytelling helps children much in communicating. Children really retain information when they learn through story. Stories always contain the moral meaning, and the children remember more of the message when it is expressed in the story. They can know more than words only in the story. This is the magical aspect of storytelling.
Besides, stories themselves have many chunks of language and the repetition of them in a story which can be used in teaching language. For example in the story “Goldilocks and the three bears”, there are some structures are repeated and changed a little bit after once such as “Someone’s been eating my porridge,”, “Someone’s been sitting in my chair,”, “Someone’s been sleeping in my bed,”. By the repeating, they can learn this structure naturally. The stories is also the great source of vocabulary and also a great teaching aid as the children can learn the new words in the context.
The content of the stories are very simple and common. Children can be easy to guess the circumstances of the story. Thus they can learn the structure easier. Furthermore, storytelling is the best opportunity for students to practice listening skill because children tend to talk more than just listen, but in storytelling section, they do it.

There were some ways for teachers to tell story more attractively that I collected in the lesson is that teachers should give students the chances to take part in the story by having some pauses on telling, or using our gestures to signal students to join in, asking questions like How do you feel? What do you think when you are in this situation? Etc. The questions like that can help student to imagine and have an experience, and also get students involved.

Your body language is the other important one. It makes the story more vividly which most attracts the students because they can imitate those actions or sounds. As a story teller, you should use your body language exactly to convey the ideas and help students to get the message.

Perfect storytelling also needs to have students’ practicing. After listening, they should have chance to act out the story, or retell it by their own. It makes them more creative and dynamic in their thoughts and also their actions.

Storytelling is the best way to teach values and life lessons, the language knowledge either. So, try to make use of it in teaching language for children.


4 thoughts on “Storytelling, a magic skill of an excellent teacher in primary school

  1. hello,i’m Tram
    i have some ideas in your writing
    First, thanks for your sharing about storytelling in teaching English for children. I agree with you that storytelling- an effective tools, has many benefits for kids. teachers can use story in the lesson with the objectives in some skills such as: vocabulary, structures, listening, speaking,… Moreover, stories can be applied a lot of games for our children. we can hold a small play or games to help children remember the details of story.
    Second, in your writing i see you also supports many things to help us imagine about storytelling in class for children in using language, in choosing content, in using body languages with some examples. it’s easier to understand.
    At last, i think in the future if we’ll become a teacher of English in primary school, we can apply some approaches in your writing to give a lot of interesting stories with experiences and meaningful lessons for our kids.

  2. Hi van! My name is thuong.
    I have just read your sharing. Firstly thanks for your writing which is about story telling. I also think that it is a magic skill that help teacher to teach student at primary school.
    Secondly, I want to give my comment to your writing. You mentioned many aspects of storytelling such as the effective, how to choose a story which suitable to children, some way to help teacher tell the story attractively. It is really useful. Beside, I also think that storytelling is a creative method that makes children interested in learning English. So through the story teacher should give chance for student to involve the story like fake some sounds of animals… student should take part in the story as a character
    So I hope that you will share more information about how to make student involve to the story.
    Thank you very much!

  3. Hi, Van! My name is Thu. I have just read your writing and have some comments for you
    Firstly, I see that your topic is about the benefits of using stories in classroom and your content is quite good. You used many evidence such as give some names of song to persuade the reader accepting the benefits of storytelling as well as they can. You said that through stories, children can learn vocabulary, grammar, structure and so on and I agree with you.
    Secondly, your writing is analyzed deeply and clearly about the content and ideas. It is easy to read and understand. Basing on this, people can find out suitable song or game to teach children.
    The part I like most in your writing is you suggested some new changes in teaching story. you advice teacher should use much body language to express the story so that make it more interesting.
    However, I have also some suggestions for your writing.
    First of all, you should set your writing in perfect form as it can. I see it is too complex about words, the space of lines, and I think everyone don’t like this.
    Secondly, you should give some techniques during telling the story such as real object, pictures, and so on.
    lastly, I want to say thank for your sharing!

  4. It is true that children like stories and using stories to teach English is an effect way. You give many techniques to tell story such as pausing the story, using gesture, question, and body language. Can I add something in your writing?
    The first factor of a storyteller is the voice. Of course, the monotone is less attractive than the voice with different rhythm. An English teacher also uses different voice for different characters, loud or soft voice for different parts of content of the story, etc. Also, teacher should use pictures or real objects, etc to illustrate the content of the story.
    Besides using gesture, question, and body language, the teacher should use facial expressions, stress, emphasis, simple language or make eye contact while telling story.
    You wrote that acting out and retelling the story are activities in the after listening. I think that you should give more details for how to do it.
    Finally, thank for your writing. I got some useful informations from your writing.

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