The recording: ” The Pinocchio”

This is the recording of the song name :” The Pinocchio”



Pinocchio is a little wooden puppet that magically comes to life. Every time he lies, his nose grows longer and longer.

After telling the story about the Pinocchio, teacher can use this song to help them remember about the little boy with actions. This song is very exciting in class to perform together or use for stirring activities in the fun and active way. I hope you can use this song as a helpful material.

This song is used to learn some words related to the body parts such as: Arm, leg, chin. and it’s also taught by action described in the song such as: out, in, turn around, shout, sit down,…

The Lyrics with actions:Lyrics_the pinocchio

Thanks for your reading and listening.


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Hồi nhỏ xấu xí, hay nói hay cười Lớn lên, nói ít, cười nhiều nhưng vẫn xấu... ♥ =)) __lonely Lion___

One thought on “The recording: ” The Pinocchio”

  1. Hi !!
    After hearing your song and reading your song’s description, I want to say something.
    First of all, I want to say that I like your song and thank your very much for sharing us an useful song. It is clear that you have a nice voice. It is easy to hear. However, I think the song will be more attractive if you use more changes in your voice. I mean you should use more different intonation. In general, your voice is good.
    As you said, this song helps students learn more words about parts of body, and get more verb phrases. However, I think you should add more information about the students and the lesson. which grade should we use this song, and which unit in its curriculum.
    That’s all my comments. Once again, thank for sharing this song.

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