Lesson plan about using song in teaching colors – Unit 18: Colours – sgk Tiếng Anh 3 – page 54-55

in this lesson, I used a song names “What color is the sky?” to teach new structure for children. With the simple lyric that is repeated 4 times, the song is expected to help students easily remember that structure.

Thanks a lot!

song lesson


4 thoughts on “Lesson plan about using song in teaching colors – Unit 18: Colours – sgk Tiếng Anh 3 – page 54-55

  1. Hi Dau, My name is thuong i have read your lesson plan. and now i have some comment for your writing
    firsty,In my opinion, this song is really interesting. Actually it is not only funy but also effective.
    Secondly, I thinks you should write more detail about the objectives of the lesson (what students can do after learn your lesson)
    Thirdly, you mentioned to the way that teacher teaches Ss this song, but In order to help chirlden remember the lyric i think that you should give Ss more chance to practice the song.
    That is all of my comment! Thank you very much and I’m looking forward to seeing your next post.

  2. Hi Dau (and your collaborators)! It is a good idea if you could put the link for the song on this post, I can read the lyric from the lesson plan, but if I want to sing along, I am afraid that I do not know the tune. You can modify the post you you want.

  3. Hi Dau! I have just seen your lesson plan, and I have some comment for you. As I can see that your leson plan is very specific. You had showed what you would do step by step. You are so creative when using some teaching aids to make your lesson more interesting. However, I think you organize many group activities. I think you should give Ss chance to practice the song individually, which makes Ss remember the lyric as well as new words. That’s my opinion about your lesson plan. Finnally, I want to say thank you for an useful reference lesson plan.

  4. hello Dau! I am Ngan. after reading you lesson plan about using song in teaching color. in your lesson plan, i see that you present everythings clearly from the objectives to the activities of the teacher. the fact that i think if you implement, it will be perfect lesson. students are the young leaners so i think the teacher don’t give them a lot of requirements after the lesson. moreover, teacher should focus on practicing the song for the children to help them get the content as well as vocabularies. i hope that you will keep your enhusiams for the children as you do. thanks for your reading!

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