lesson plan of teaching song which names rain rain go away- English 3- Unit 11: My family

this is my lesson plan:

English 3

Unit 11: My family

lesson 1: Identify family members



3 thoughts on “lesson plan of teaching song which names rain rain go away- English 3- Unit 11: My family

  1. Hi!!
    After seeing your post, I want to say something.
    First of all, I want to say thank you for sharing this to us.
    In my opinion, you should give a brief description about your lesson in your post on this web. Besides, you should add media link of the song into your post. About your lesson plan, I like the way you use picture to recall students’ memory about members in family. However, I think this is only a small part of the lesson, so it is not necessary to add the objectives of the lesson. I recommend you to add more details about the way you teach the song to children. For example, you can teach students line by line. In general, your lesson plan is quite good.
    That’s all my ideas. Thank you !!

  2. Hi Thuong,
    After finishing reading your lesson plan, I have some comments.
    I think you should give more specific instructions to students. And it will be better if you focus more on the purposes for each activity. However, in this song, I find that there is no structure “Who is this?- This is…”. Besides, your way that you use to teach song is not really suitable. You should teach them one line at the same to, which will help them follow easier and more effectively.
    Thank you so much!

  3. hi Thuong, I am Nhung
    I have read your lesson plan for the song “rain rain go away”. i have some comments. firstly, about the song, it is easy to understand and remember. it also provide vocabulary in the theme family. however, your plan is not really good. you should give instruction more clearly for students.you should teach student read new words before teaching. it is easier for them to realize words in the song. you play the audio or sing two time before teaching them sing line by line. after teaching you should ask some student stand up and sing the song again. i hope that my opinion can help your lesson plan better. thanks for your sharing!

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