purposes of classroom management

          Everything functions well only when they are well organized. The same to class at school, it must be controlled by teachers because it reflects the smooth process of teaching. When we mention about classroom management, we think about the process of ensuring that classroom lesson runs smoothly.

          When we plan to organize the class, we should remember three following purpose of this activity.

           Firstly, to do classroom management is to prevent the disruptive behaviors. We use this to calm the noisy students down. They are always sources of so much stirring in class. They usually stir themselves and other students up very much and frequently. The don’t know how inconveniently they made in class so that teachers should have some effective tips to guide children attention to the lesson. for example, adding some activities that they are asked for taking part in. that kind of activities may change the position of the naughty students from the reception position to creation place

               Secondly, the purpose of classroom management is to create a positive atmosphere for teachers to teach and for learners to learn. It means that the learning opportunities should be create the most and the best. In a class, if the teachers tight the management rules very much and all the time, the students may feel discomfort with studying.. the uncomfortable and nervous feelings may limit the students’ reception ability and their memory term. However, when teachers use classroom management appropriately, it will develop its effectiveness. Moreover, it’d better follow the classroom rules and restrictions to have a discipline in the class.

          Lastly, managing classroom often goes with time talking management. The teachers’ talking time should not play the predominant role during from the beginning of the lesson to the end. That’s really a passive style of learning . It must be a suitable design between the time for the teacher talk and students’. The problem of the inequality of time division teachers should design more activities for students to participate in. Teachers are active in designing that so basing on the status of the students to have a suitable one. The meaning of classroom management here is to involve students to the teaching process and helps them fill their initial achievement into the learning process. By the involvement to the designed activities, students have chances to express their own ideas, argue with other student,etc,..so that learning procedure becomes more interesting and easy to memorize

           Whenever teacher does classroom management they should cover about how suitable the management rules are and how well we function them. 


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