Purposes of Using Music in Classroom


Music is one of the important parts of many cultures, which makes it more valuable to learn. It is really a wonderful tool for teaching languages, especially to children who love music and singing. Young learners take up vocabulary, grammar, and the rhythm of the language simply by doing what they like, they want to do…singing.

We can not deny that music can serve various functions in classroom, at home, or wherever. Music set a mood and can be a bonding experience. In this writing, I will share to you two main purposes of using music in classroom to teach young learners.

First, using music to introduce new language.

Song is an effective way to teach new language to children. Though they do not fully understand about the lyrics or rhythm, they still are excited to try to sing. If you can give to them a song with simple and short lyrics that children can dance, sing and learn very quickly.

You also can use song as part of the learning experience for any of the language themes. For instance, when teaching about pets, sing “I See a Cat” and “I See a Duck.” To practice counting, try this song “Counting Numbers 1-10”.  If you learn about weather, sing “How’s the weather today?”

Whatever the theme, songs can help teacher teach vocabulary by many different activities or games. When you are singing and dancing, make sure you interact with the language in many ways. You are practicing listening song to comprehend or you are vocalizing and in any way that is funny and do not make children feel threaten.

Second, using music to review language.

Singing songs is a wonderful way to review language quickly and easily for young learners in class. Greatest thing of using music to learn is that people just don’t forget songs. If you hear a few words from a song you heard in long time, I sure you still can sing the next line with no problems. In each lesson, try to review language that children have learned previously by songs.

As you know, music is a powerful learning tool. If you have never used for teaching music, try on it now to make your classroom friendly and happy atmosphere and learning environment.


3 thoughts on “Purposes of Using Music in Classroom

  1. Dear my friend,
    Firstly, I want to say thank you for your writing. It is very interresting and useful. You pointed out the important roles of music in life and in teaching English. You also shared your thoughts about 2 main purposes os using songs in lesson. You said that teaching new language through songs and review language. I agree that music is a powerful learning tool, especially learning English. Besides, I want to add that teaching listening skill, linking sounds and intonation through songs. You also warm up by songs, organize games by songs… However, you made some mistakes in this post. There are some incomplete sentences such as “If you can give to them a song with simple and short lyrics that children can dance, sing and learn very quickly.” and some grammatical mistakes. Therefore, you should correct to have a better writing. Thank for your post again. Have a nice day!

  2. Hi Hue! I have just reading your writing. And I have some comments for you. Firstly, I see that your writing is very interesting and useful. You has showed 2 benefits of using song in teaching for kid, and explained them clearly. However, I think you should add more specific samples to ilustrate for each benifit, which help reader understand more clearly. Moreover, benefit of using song in teaching for kid has not only 2, it also has many many benifit such: motivation Ss, get attention from Ss, check Ss’s comprehend and so on. That is my opinion about your writing. Finnally, I want to say thank you for an interesting writing. I have got a little information after reading your writing

  3. Hi Hue :), thanks for your sharing. i have already read your writing and some comments above.
    you list 2 advantages of using music in classroom: introduce language and review language. i agree with you about that. i find that you like singing and song :). just for fun. you give some ideas and example for the firts purpose, in the second purpose why don’t you give example to identify more clearly. may be you can add many benifits when using music in classroom like in iceprecess’s comment. i think it’s useful and necessary.in additon, you can add a video to demonstrate your ideas. it will be more attractive
    thanks so much !

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