“TAARE ZAMEEN PAR” is a very meaningful film – Nguyen Thi Phuong Quy SPA- k33

“TAARE ZAMEEN PAR” is a very meaningful film that I’m never forget. This film helps me understand deeper about education. After watching film, I realize that education is not forced the student to follow a rigid principles; especially; everyone has their own strength that is the duty of teacher is to find and stimulate their strength in education.

This film tells the story of a dyslexic child- Ishaan, but he is not concerned suitably of his family and school. His parents and teachers always think that he is a spoilt child, lazy learning, and stupid. Therefore, they often punish, scold, and fell disappointed to him. Then, Ishaan is sent to boarding school with disciplines and draconian penalties, he gradually become a lonely and bass child. Before he like drawing and creating art, but now he stop all. The life of Ishaan will how if he doesn’t meet a substitute teacher of art subject. This teacher realizes the problem of Ishaan, so he is empathy and helps “lazy, crazy, mad” child become a sparkle star. “TAARE ZAMEEN PAR” is a great film for kids, but the adults should watch to see how the education of their deviations. The success of the child indirectly criticizes the education that is lack of caring of parents and teachers. Forced education can kill talents in the future.

Through this film, I realize methods that the parents and teachers should do to educate children.

Firstly, teachers should find strength and stimulate strength of children to children can develop their talents; especially, teacher should design a lesson with many activities to children can develop their talents and fell more excited in learning. For example, the strength point f Ishaan is art, the weakness point is reading and writing, so to teach math and literature for Ishaan, the teacher should adapt many activities in teaching him. These activities are the same art to stimulate his exciting to help him easily absorb knowledge.   

Secondly, punishment to children is not a good. The teacher and parents can’t adapt to all children. The teacher and parents should concern to children to find out the reason and find the best methods to help them learn better. In the film, one of the important reasons to the teach can help Ishaan is he always put believing in Ishaan. The teacher helps child believe in himself that he can do it; he can do it very well.

Thirdly, the parents and teacher should not put their desire to children. Each child has one own dream, desire and favorite himself. When they like any subject, they often tend to learn well that subject. The parents and teacher should concern to what they want to, what they need, and how they fell. For example, in this film, the father of Ishaan only think to his desire. He want to Ishaan become a doctor, a engineer; he want to Ishaan learn well as Ishaan’s brother. He doesn’t concern to the favorite of Ishaan. To him, art is to entertainment, math is to earn money, so he thinks that Ishaan will become a fail person in the life.    

Finally, the teacher and parents should not compare between two children that why this child is stupid while his friend is very intelligent and good. For example, in film. Ishaan’s brother is always compared to Ishaan that he learns very good; he is a proud person of parents and teacher while Ishaan is very stupid. That is the reason to Ishaan become a lonely person. He become bass and loses believing in himself.  

In conclusion, education is not a rigid principles, it has many aspects and many different methods. To education children, we need to understand and find out the suitable ways to each child. With the role is the teachers in the future, we need to find new methods to contribute for the career education become better and better.    


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