Teacher and blackboard as a teaching aids in teaching English

In classroom, besides teacher and student, to have a good lesson, we have to help of teaching aids. It is  really amazing tool to help enhance students learning Nowadays, with a high technology, students  can have a active lesson. However, chalk board and teacher  may be useful and convenient tool  for using  to teach English for children

Black board is also main tool in teaching. Board is where teacher give information of lesson. Chalkboard is a screen that students can see pictures and play games such as guessing words, slap the board, hang man, .. A chalkboard can be a stage ,It can be used to perform dancing and singing. The visual communication of the chalkboard directs attention of the class to the purposes of the lecture or discussion. Through chalkboard, the students can improve or develop their thinking ability and visualize their own ideas.

Furthermore, teacher have important role in teaching aid

Teacher is seen as teaching aids in some following ways:
A real object: When teacher teaches vocabulary about the topic “body”, they can use their body to illustrate for their students. Students will study faster and better when they see the real objects.
A model: Teacher always does first as an example and then students will do follow. It’s really a best way for teacher to give instructions.
A composer: To attract students to the lesson, sometimes, teacher can design a new song or chant to teach to them. It’s also a good way to make student to remember new words from song and chant.
An artist: Teacher can draw pictures on the board to help student understand and imagine easily. They can draw the face on the board and use arrow to illustrate some part of “the face”.
• A singer: Let’s imagine that you must teach your students a new song but you have no electricity, no audio and no video. Of course, you must be a singer in this situation.
Teacher is a narrator : Teacher can tell story for student to improve lesson and all skill for student

A role – player: Sometimes, the teacher also join some activities with students, they can play and act as a character in the story of drama. For examples, he or she can play as a bear, a monkey….
An instructor: Teacher gives students knowledge and requests students what they should do and how to do the task and student will follow step by step.
• A manager: The teacher must manage the whole class in some activities (when they play a game, sing a song, work in group).
• An observer: Teacher also observes the class to ensure students focus on the lesson.
Teacher as a friend: To have a successful lesson, teacher needs to be friendly with her or his students. This connection will make a convenient environment for Ss to get the knowledge.
Teacher is a MC: Teacher should make interesting lesson by organizing game shows. Teacher will control the game show in natural way from the beginning to the end. They have to be enthusiastic, dynamic and humor to attract students.


2 thoughts on “Teacher and blackboard as a teaching aids in teaching English

  1. Hi Xuan. I have just read your writing. Firstly, I want to say thank you about your writing. Secondly, I want to share my oppion about your writing. I agree with your share about teacher and blackboard. You shared so many ideas about teacher and blackboad. However, I want to add some ideas about them. In my oppion, teacher, and blackboad are special, and traditional teaching aids. Both teacher and blackboad don’t depend on electric. Moreover, teacher is multiple teaching aids. Besides, your share above, teacher also is a vivid dictionary. Student can ask teacher about new word, and they receive the respond immidiately from teacher.

  2. Hi Xuan. I want to say thanks for your sharing about a method in teaching aids. you tell about teacher and blackboard, and i totally agree with you when you said that ” Black board is also main tool in teaching. Board is where teacher give information of lesson. Chalkboard is a screen that students can see pictures and play games such as guessing words, slap the board, hang man, .. A chalkboard can be a stage”. besides, you also add some interesting information about the teacher’s role.i know that teacher play an important role in the class. teacher is the best model and the vivid picture in every situation. as my teacher said ” we are teacher and we do not electric”. through your writing i have many ideas to teach, recognize the teacher’s role and how to using the method blackboard. thanks so much

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