What would you do if you have prepared good lesson? I’m sure that you do not only prepare well but you also need to manage the classroom well, that lesson is successful.

How will you manage the classroom?

Classroom management plays an important role in the class because it decides the success of teaching and learning. In a lesson, teacher does not only teach knowledge but also manages all students’ activities. It is not an easy problem because in a class has a lot of people with different personalities. Teacher has to manage well, the lesson is effective. Moreover, we need to provide students with a friendly environment to attract them into lessons.

In this writing, I would share some my ideas about the ways to manage classroom effectively.

Below are the methods of classroom management.

— Interest the lesson

interest the class

First, we have to make students pay attention to the lesson and learn effectively.

— Be fair

be fair

In the class, teacher needs to be fair so that students can feel be respected and want to continue to learn.

— Be humorous

images (2)

Teacher has to be humorous to make students feel comfortable when learning and they can learn more effectively.

— Avoid anger


Teacher who loses temper will make the class become ineffective.

— Focus Attention

images (1)

Making students pay attention is important in the classroom. If you want students to focus on the lesson, you have to create attention.

— – Be Well-organized


A well-organized lessons are lessons to be carefully prepared material, and with all the equipment to be able to work well. Lesson plan has carefully to be the practical work within range and powers of both the teacher and the class.

These are some techniques to manage classroom, I hope we can apply them when teaching to have an effective lesson.

In summary, teacher should choose the appropriate method for class so that students can follow easily.



  1. Hi Huyen, Thanks for your interesting writing! I have got some points, techniques for classroom management, i see they are useful and short enough to remember and perform.
    You give some ways to be able to manage classroom with some pictures, it becomes easily to get your points and content.
    However. in my opinion, your sharing will be more effective if you make them more clear, add more information.
    One more time, thank you and look forward to your next writing !

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