Using songs when teaching English

I found that the English is not difficult to learn, but it is also not an easy language to learn. We must have good learning methods and tools to learn it effectively. Especially, when teaching English to children we need to teach so that they can capture knowledge.

I believe one of the best tools to teach foreign languages is using songs. Song plays a very important role in teaching children to learn. Songs can bring real benefits while learning. For example, they help children relax after the stressful lesson, and we can practice listening skill and pronunciation through the songs, so it also helps children improve their speaking skills. We can learn vocabulary, sentence structures,…Because most children like singing songs, they can pay attention the lesson and can change routine of learning language.  Songs are usually fun and children will feel interested in learning. We can create a friendly environment for children to learn English.

There are many reasons so that we can use songs when teaching. They are:

— Songs are the authentic material.

— Teacher can teach children about culture and history.

— The song is repeated and repeated, which enhances learning.

— This is a good way to teach vocabulary and pronunciation.

— They are fun and can easily motivate children.

In my opinion, songs have great power to the people in general and children in particular. It is an indispensable part of our lives. However, we should use songs suitably so that we can learn effectively through songs.

We can also apply songs whenever teaching and choose a suitable song for that lesson.

In summary, using songs while teaching is a good and effective way to children. We should take advantage of this simple tool to attract more students to the lecture.

That is my idea about using songs. I hope we will have an interesting lesson.


4 thoughts on “Using songs when teaching English

  1. Hello, I’am Thoa.
    Firstly I want to thank you for sharing! i agree with you that there are many benefits when using songs in teaching. I have just read your reasons to using songs in teaching and learning and I also have the same think. in my oppinion, however, to better this post, you should support your reasons by giving some specific situations/ ways to use the songs in teaching. i mean that you should show the way how to use songs in teaching english. For example, you said that Teacher can teach children about culture and history; so how teacher can do it?
    Yeah, that is my idea,

  2. Hello, I have read your post and I have some comments about it.
    I agree with you about advantages of using song in class, but I need them more specific and each idea needs surpporting. For example, you said that using song is a good way to teach vocabulary and structure? Let me see in specific example. You can point out that in each song of each lesson will focus on topic of this lesson, so the song will includes new words or structure in lesson which student have learned.
    Moreover, you should give the way to choose the song for a lesson to teach. In my opinion, because student are children, so you should choose a short and easy song.
    It is my suggestion, hope useful for you! Thanks a lots.

  3. dear Huyen,
    thanks for your caring
    i have just read your post. In general, you mostly focus on the benefits of using songs to teach english for kids in primary school. that’ very good. being a teacher, it’s necessary for us to realize the importance of this method. However, it’s not easy to choose a suitable song for each lesson. therefore, teacher should pay attention to the way of choosing a song for kids. Firstly, its rhythm must be similar to kids, the lyrics must be simple and easy to learn. sometimes, teacher can write a new lyric basing on a general rhythm. it’s quite easy. Moreover, through the song, teacher should only focus on a main point in the lesson such as only new words or only grammar. Do not combine all of them , which makes students so stressful.
    remember that teaching english for kids thourgh song, not teaching an english song for kids.
    but do not put children into too much challenges. this can make them boring because kids are very changeable or esay to be bored, not very patient.

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