Benifit of song in teaching English for children

 As you know music is an important part of our life. Music makes our life be more interesting and eventful. Besides, it also has many benefits. One of  benefit is that teacher apply song in teaching English for children. According to educational professional, listening English songs can help Ss to perceive the sound and spelling of the English gradualy, which helps children to develop better language .

 The list of selected English song will be an useful reference material for teacher in teaching English because music contributes to enhance the ability to help children memorize very quickly and have long-term effects about lesson. The songs will  attract more attention to the child by form , shape , pattern and sentence structure. When children listen a song they will pay attention on the melody of the song, which will make children pay attention to grammar naturally . Due to, children remember what the teacher quickly wants to convey . Besides , the repetition of the melody makes the language easier to remember . Another factor contributing to the success of using song in teaching English for children is that children aren’t stress. There are no pressure in the class . Moreover, the song creates comfortable atmosphere in class , and promotes more effective learning . Along with the factors  mentioned above , the song is also a rich source of useful materials for language learning . Lyrics of the songs express feelings , thoughts , ideas, people , representing cultural values ​​. With the songs we easily change the theme and context create this vivid and active role in the child’s grammar . If a song contains the content is age- appropriate learning skills in listening, speaking , reading and writing can be incorporated into a very gentle lessons.

 In short, using song in teaching English for children is an interesting method. Using this method bring many benefits to us such as: motivating student, getting attention, changing atmostphere in class, review the lesson, and so on. 


One thought on “Benifit of song in teaching English for children

  1. Thank for your writing. I see that you give many benefits of song in teaching English such as attracting students, making attention, etc. I think that your writing should be specific by answering the question how to do. To attract students on learning song, teacher should use many methods to increase the interest of students. The teacher can use real objects, pictures, etc to illustrate the content of the song.
    In your writing, I see that you have many mistakes such “using this method bring”, “review”, and “benifit”. Use can correct them like “using this method brings”, “reviewing”, “benefit”. I hope that you will pay attention on the mistakes in the next writing

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