chalkboard and teacher as teaching aids

There are many materials are used as teaching aids in class. They may be some things such as picture, chalkboard, video, tapes… or even be human as teacher and students. Perhaps, chalkboard and teacher are very familar to our because they have been used for a long time until now.

Chalkboard is uesd to write by teacher or students. The traditional way to use chalkboard is writing lesson with many new words, phrases, structures and sentences. It is the place where displays what teacher or students writes on. Especially, students will be motivated if their products is  shown on the chalkboard in front class.Moreover, teacher or student can draw every things they want to support for the lesson. For example, to teach about parts of body, teacher can draw a body and point out the parts of body. Using chalkboard as a visual as make students feel more interesting and easier to learn. Further more, chalkboard can be used in some games such as clap the board, word cross,… Chalkboard is the simple and useful teaching aid.

Similar to chalkboard, teacher also is a unlackable teaching aid in class. Teacher has many functions. Fisrtly, teacher is as a model for children. Teacher will practice first then students will follow and do it again. secondly, teacher as a real objects. For example, teacher can use her body to teach about Body lesson. Moreover, teacher can be a singer. In some lesson,if they don’t have tapes and video, teacher is a singer, she will sing a song with her voice, and I think students will feel very happy when they and their teacher sing together. Teacher also is storyteller, teacher should use pictures to help her tell story variously. In addition, teacher as a role player. For example, teacher can role play about jobs and aks students to guess the job which teacher describes. There are many different functions of teacher in class as manager, MC in a game show,…

In conclusion, teaching aids are very usefull for a lesson, so with each lesson, the teacher should choose suitable teaching aids to help students gain the lesson in the best way. In among that, chalkboard and teacher are teaching aids which you should not skip. They are simple and available in all time.


One thought on “chalkboard and teacher as teaching aids

  1. Hi, My. First of all, I want to say thank you about your writng. It is very useful and meaningful for me. I agree with you when you showed the benefits of chartboard and teacher as a visual aids. I also give more information that teacher, and blackboad are special, and traditional teaching aids. Both of all do not depend on electric or other equipments. It only denpend on you. teacher also is a vivid dictionary. That is my comment I want to add in your writing. I hope that you can share more writing in the future. Thanks again.

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