Groupwork and pairwork


  • Advantages:

–         Increasing opportunities for students to contribute to the lesson

–         Enhancing students’ practicing

–         Saving time

–         Helping teacher to work as a guide

–         Creating opportunities for all students to work at the same time

–         Enhancing communication, exchange, interaction, coorperation and helping in classroom

  • Disadvantages:

–         Making noisy, affecting to the other classroom

–         Learning the other mistakes when students work together

–         Difficult for teacher to cotroll students’ activities at the same time

–         Students can become a lazy, self-reliant person when they have to deal with the problem that they cannot resolve.


  • Some activities which help students to get effective result in groupwork and pairwork


Group and pairwork can be organized in teaching process about English skills such as listening, reading, writing, speaking and grammar. They are used in:

  1. Warm – up: that is the first part before teaching the main content of the lesson. Teacher often organize a simple activities to help students to familiar with the topic and do not need to spend much time. Its purpose is to create excitement and encourage students to
  2. Reading a text: teacher can ask students to read silently the text. And then, they should discuss some questions in pair and groups to find their correct answers.
  3. Practice reading skill: group or pair is suitable with the lessons about the speaking for students. Teacher often organize activities to create conditions for all students could participate in practicing the speaking skill
  4. Short writing exercise: In the lesson about writing skill, Teacher can ask students to discuss in groups or pairs before writing and exchange students’ written to check grammar and correct the errors.
  5. Do exercises: in this activities, teacher can use groupwork and pairwork to do grammatical exercises. Students can compare their answers in groups or pairs to find the best correct answers.

In short, using groupwork and pairwork is a good way to teach English for children. Teacher should use these activities effectively to encourage the studying spirit of student.


One thought on “Groupwork and pairwork

  1. Hi Van Anh!
    I have just read your writing. You divide the topic groupwork and pairwork in two clear aspects which are advantages and disadvantages. Advantages are as Increasing opportunities for students to contribute to the lesson, enhancing students’ practicing, saving time, helping teacher to work as a guide… Disadvantages are as making noisy to the other classroom, having difficulty in cotrolling students’ activities, etc,…
    You also say that group and pairwork can be organized in teaching process about English skills such as listening, reading, writing, speaking and grammar and they are used in:Warm – up, reading a text, practice reading skill, short writing exercise and do exercises. I think this is a new point, so I will find out more. Thank you for your sharing. And I want to share you some ways to organize groups and pairs which are pairs and groups of close friends, according to the students’ ability and organizing randomly. If you want to know more specific, you can visit my writing at
    This is my comment. I hope that we can learn each other and add a little new knowledge. Thanks for your sharing! 😉

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