I’ll become a good teacher!

l will become a good teacher!!

I am so sorry for being late, now I will share you some interesting experiences I have when I volunteered in QuyetThang Secondary school in this summer holiday, obviously I worked as a teacher.

I can not forget the first day I taught as a English teacher, however, the children was not good as I thought they were very naughty, stubborn, especially when I taught they talked freely, made noises, etc. I used many ways to control them, but everything became useless. I were really disappointed. At the end of lesson, I talked with some students, I asked them:

 –    “Why do you dislike learning English?”

–     “Because it’s very boring and difficult, I can’t understand and I’m so stressful when I think about it” immediately they answered.

That night I could not sleep, I thought about what the children said in this morning, I began to analyze and realized that perhaps mistakes were belonged to me and I made my students uncomfortable with unsuitable methods. I thought it was very necessary to change my methods because my students were active, creative, and sensitive children so I could not impose my minds for them. Then I planed for the tomorrow lesson with many ideas, instead of using the old methods, I made variety games, found out many songs as well as activities relating to the topic of lesson. The results were amazing, my students were attracted and participated enthusiastically, we sang songs, danced, played games together. At the end of that lesson, all of the students could remember and read again new words, structures that have just learned exactly. This made me really happy and satisfied. And the next lessons I also applied the variety of techniques as well as different methods such as storytelling, role-play… and this were really effective.

It was not only a rememberable memory but also a meaningful experience for me. I see that the teacher should be active and creative while teaching language for children, should not impose them in any methods. They usually like singing, dancing, playing activities and games, so it can be seen as good ways to children can both learn English effectively and feel comfortable when learning English. I hope that my experiences can help you form as well as find out new ideas when teaching language. Your students are good or not good, it depends on your methods or how to make them understood the lessons. 




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