Multiple Intelligences



I am Nhung. Today, I will share some ideas about the lesson I have learned “Multiple Intelligences” (MIs). Before learning that lesson I do not know what is intelligence and how many types of intelligent.

Dr. Howard Gardner, a psychologist and professor developed the theory of Multiple Intelligences (MIs) in 1983. According to him, there are eight multiple intelligences:

Firstly, linguistic intelligence: this intelligent relates to a person who can use language to express what is on his mind and to understand other people thinking. These people can do well in the position of a MC, a speaker, writer or lawyer

Logical/Mathematical Intelligence: the ability to understand some principles, the numbers, operation, quantities. Some jobs which suitable with this intelligence are scientists, mathematicians or logicians

Musical Rhythmic Intelligence: the capacity to think in music, the ability to realize the rhythm, lyrics and tune of a song. They also can remember music easily and they cannot forget it. Song writer, singer or musician represent for this intelligence

Bodily/ Kinesthetic Intelligence : the ability to use whole body or parts of  his body such as arms, fingers, hands or foot to do something, to solve problem, to put on some kind of production. Some people who work as an athletic, dancer, or performer art have this intelligence

Spatial intelligence: this intelligence talks about people who have ability to represent spatial world in their mind. Pilot is a good example for this intelligence. In addition, artist or scientist in some aspect also has this intelligence.

Naturalist Intelligence: the ability to identify among living things such as animals or plants. Hunters, farmers have this intelligence

Intrapersonal Intelligence: the ability to understand yourself, your ability, what you can, what you want, what to avoid, what should do…

Interpersonal Intelligence: the ability to understand other people. What they need, what they think… teachers, salespersons or politicians are jobs represent for this intelligence.

In conclusion, being a teacher, you should realize your student good at what and help them to develop. Basing on eight intelligences, I hope you could success to teach your children.










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