My recording: What is the weather like today?

What’s the weather like today?


What’s the weather, what’s the weather, like todaylike today?
Look outside the window, look outside the window
Can you say?

It’s a sunny, it’s a sunnysunny day,sunny day
Go out in the sunshine
Go out in the sunshine
Play, play, play
Play, play, play.

It’s a cloudy, it’s a cloudycloudy day, cloudy day

Better get a sweater
Better get a sweater
If it’s cold
If it’s cold.


It’s a windy, it’s a windywindy day,windy day

Let’s go fly a kite now
Let’s go fly a kite now
Fly it high
Fly it high.

It’s a rainy, it’s a rainyrainy day,rainy day
Better get a raincoat
Better get a raincoat
It’s all wet
It’s all wet.

It’s a snowy, it’s a snowysnowy day,snowy day

Get your coat and mittens
Get your coat and mittens
Burr, burr, burr, burr, burr, burr.

What’s the weather, what’s the weather, like today, like today? 
Look outside the window, look outside the window
Can you say? Can you say?

You can hear my recording in this link:

Hopefully, it is helpful for you.


2 thoughts on “My recording: What is the weather like today?

  1. Hi Thu,
    I very like your song. It is so interesting, its lyrics is so cute. I can see and listen clearly, and I have some comments about it.
    Firstly, I want you to write some sentences about purpose of this song. What will student learn from this? Which new words or structure have they learned?
    Secondly, I think it is quite difficult for children to learn by heart it, because it is so long and each lyrics in each passage is different. I think student need a long time to learn and sing it 🙂
    However, Ibelieve that you have your own way to teach them effectively.
    Thank you for your sharing!!!

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