seven-coloured rainbow chant

this is example of the”seven-coloured rainbow” chant which I compose to use in the lesson 4, unit 18, Tieng Anh 3.
purpose: to review the unit 18: colours, pracise structure: it is red/…, remember colours name: red, yellow, orange,…
Seven-coloured Rainbow:
I am rainbow
I am rainbow
I have seven
Seven colors
It is red, red red red
It is orange, orange orange orange
It is yellow, yellow yellow yellow
It is green, green green green
It is blue, blue blue blue
It is indigo, indigo indigo indigo
It is violet, violet violet violet


About thanhty

LANGUAGE: ENGLISH TOY: PINK DOLL COLOR: PINK + GREEN ..................................

One thought on “seven-coloured rainbow chant

  1. Hi Ty! My name is Thuong. Thanks for your sharing. And now I want to give you some comments about this record.
    Firstly, your record is very clear that is easy to hear. The song lyric is very simple however it seems to be very interesting. Maybe, it is quite easy to teach and remember.
    Secondly, I think you should add more music to make the record funnier and more attractive
    Thirdly, you mentioned to the objective of your record. In my opinion, you should write the purpose more specifically to help the reader understand easier.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to your next !

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