Some interesting methods used in teaching English for children: using songs, game and storytelling.

You love children so much and you will be a primary school teacher in the future but you are worried about how to teach English effectively for children. Below are some interesting and useful experiences of that the future primary teacher should have.

Using songs is one the most popular methods in teaching English for children.  Most of children love singing and they are so sensitive with music that whenever they hear melody of a song, they can swing following that melody. Therefore, using songs in teaching English to children helps them remember vocabulary easily without learning by heart vocabulary many times. Besides, children mainly learn language through imitation. They can imitate native speaker to pronoun words, emphasize stress and make intonation.  If we teach children to read words separatedly, there won’t have any connection with other words. Children won’t know how to pronoun these words in whole sentences, this makes their speaking interrupted. Besides, to get the best effect, teacher should use appropriate and simple songs in teaching.

The second method is using games in lessons. Many researchers who have studied about using games in teaching English demonstrate that this method brings a lot of benefits for children to learn English. No one can deny that using games creates real contexts in which children use English to communicate in a natural way.  If a teacher starts a lesson with a game in warm up part, this will help motivate students a lot because the atmosphere at the beginning in class is very important, when students are motivated, they will involve positively in the whole lesson.

Also, if teacher ends the lesson by a game, this will help students relax after hard-studying hours. Furthermore, students have a chance to review the lesson (vocabulary, grammar structures, pronunciation). She suggested some games teacher should use in teaching such as bingo, slapping board, hang man or cross-word…

Lastly, teacher should  pays a lot of attention to Story-telling method.  At home, children love listening to stories told by their parents before going to bed. For children, stories is a fantasy world. They are attracted by characters like fairy, princess, prince or animals, etc. Having realized this, teacher can combine lessons with stories. This method helps children not only practice listening and speaking skills but also get moral lessons. That is because each story has its own meaning which often educates children to love their family, friends, nature…. The stories will become more attractive and interesting if the teacher uses colorful pictures, various gestures to illustrate. After telling stories, teacher should create situations in which children can perform their ability by retelling, role playing the stories.


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