Ishaan – a little boy – has trouble in spelling the letters and distinguishing the letters which are the same ones. He cannot read influently and write proficiently as his classmates. In contrast, his brother is a good student and a pride of Ishaan’s parents. He always feel lonely and separated from his house. Nikumbh – his teacher in boarding school helps him to overcome his trouble.

Through this movie, I realize some following points:

Firstly, teacher should not impose their thinking for children. Especially, teacher should not use a educational method for all students. According to children’s level, teacher can apply some suitable methods which can encourage children to study hard. Moreover, teacher also find reasons which lead to bad studying results of students to use a appropriate solution.

Like Ishaan’s teacher, he balances between studying and playing in educational method for Ishaan. Besides, he enhances  interaction between teacher and student so it create a effective solution with Ishaan’s difficulty.

Secondly, parents should not compare their child with others. Ishaan is a representation of students who has studying results. Teachers and classmates despise his outcomes. Moreover, his father is very dissapointed about him and often compare him with his brother and intimidate Ishaan. The attitudes and caring of parents is one of the factors which affect the development of children.

Parents must understand the child’s interests and motivate if child has bad studying results. Moreover, They do not impose your parents’ dream for their children so parents also should realize the strengths, dreams of the children and encourage them to follow their own desires.

Thirdly, both teachers and parents should not apply punishment for children. The boy is only eight years old in the film. When studying in boarding school,he receive bad marks, be disciplined, be taunted by teachers and friends. There, children should not receive punishment which hurt their pure heart.

Finally, family and the school should have tight connections. Parents provide the necessary information about their children to school. In addition, the school and parents to find a suitable solution for the particular student. Children should receive more caring from the family that help children to improve studying and develop their personality.

In short, this movie give viewers to receive deep meanings.  Education keep an important part of the child’s development. Teacher should apply appropriate methods to educate their students. Parents should consider the wishes or dreams of children and encourage children to do what they like.


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