“TAARE ZAMEEN PAR” _ A meaningful film about education


“TAARE ZAMEEN PAR” is the best useful film that I have ever seen. The film talks deeply about education in both India and other countries in the world. After watching this film, I realized that both parents and teachers have an important influence to children. They can be either obstruction or effort resourse for children’s dream.

This film is the story of a special child- Ishaan, he is got a difficulty with reading and as psychology it is called dislexic. However, both family and school he is not concerned suitably. His parents and teachers always think that he is a stupid and lazy child. Thus, they always give him punishments, rebukes, and fell disappointed to him. Because his father doesn’t see the improvement in his learning, he sent Ishaan to boarding school to learn better. To this school, the first time, Ishaan feels lonely and miss his family. He is difficult to learn as like as before. The life of him becomes worse and he stops doing everything. The lives of Ishaan will how if he doesn’t meet    Nikumbh_teacher of art subject. This teacher realizes the problem of Ishaan, so he tries to help Ishaan recover this difficult status. Thank to the help of his teacher, Ishaan becomes an exellent child. “TAARE ZAMEEN PAR” is a great film for kids, but I think all people should watch to see how the education of their children. And the success of the child indirectly criticizes the education that is lack of caring of parents and teachers.

Through this film, I realize that the parents and teachers should care children more. Parents should care to dreams of children. Don’t force them to follow anything if they don’t like. Teacher should spend much time for bad children, so that find out the reason and overcome it. Don’t use only punishment for them, because it will make children afraid and be easy to stress. They should make the effort for children and help them conduct these.

In conclusion, both parents and teacher play an important role in teaching and develop the children’s ability. Therefor, they should spend a lot of time to take care of children and find out the best suitable method to help them learning better.

One thought on ““TAARE ZAMEEN PAR” _ A meaningful film about education

  1. Hi Thu
    Thanks for your posting. After reading your writing. I find the film really meaningful. Ishaan-the main character in this film makes me moving. In addition, I see a lot of things that I need to change in the near future through your writing. Because I am also a mother and a teacher in the future. Educating my children and my students is very important. I find that If my childen and my students are not good at whatever I should teach them basing their weak points little by little. Moreover, when they make some mistakes I shouldn’t scold and punishI only should remind and encourage them not to do their mistakes again. Futhermore, During the period of teaching I need to care about them more, which will make them love learning and more concentrate on their studying. Besides this, I don’t force them to do that they don’t like I should encourage them to do that they like, which helps students to increase their creative ability and makes them more active. This writing is quite good, however I think you should add more information and describe your writing in more details. I hope my suggestion is useful for you. Thank you very much.

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