The chalkboard and the teacher

Thanks to the development of information technology, teachers have a variety of teaching aids which can be used in the classroom such as pictures, video, CD and so on. However, the age-old chalkboard is still considers as an effective teaching aids, even it is more reliable than its electronic equipments. It is also one of the great tools deciding the success of a lesson. Besides, teacher can be seen as the important factor that directly affects result of the lesson. In fact, teacher take responsible for running all activities and using teaching aids effectively in the class. Moreover, teacher are also regarded as a teaching aids, which play a leading role in getting achievement in the class. Like a chalkboard, the teacher is an muti – functional element which can be used in many ways to teach English.


There are many choices when teacher uses chalkboard in the class. In some lesson, teacher can hang pictures or posters on the board. It’s very useful to help all students can see clearly.

Teacher shows the main content of a lesson on the board to student take note on their notebook. Especially, with young learners, teacher needs to write on the board to teach students the style of writing.

Chalkboard is regarded as a playground in the class. Learners can show their answers of a task or design something for a special occasion.

Chalkboard can be use to teacher present the knowledge of the lesson such as new words, grammar structures, and so on.


Teacher is a very competent actor in the classroom.

+ a model: In many case, teacher can be seen as a model who performance in front of class and then student can imitate.

+ a dancer: To explain meaning some new words, teacher can act as a dancer.

+ a designer: Teacher need to design some materials to use in the class such as handout, pictures….

+ an instructor: It’s the key responsibilities for a teacher. Teachers have to plan to organize and control all activities in a class. They take responsible for instructing students do these tasks.

In short, chalkboard and teacher are the indispensable elements in the class. I hope that we can use these elements to teach English better in the future.

One thought on “The chalkboard and the teacher

  1. Good morning, Thao! Thank you for sharing us your thought about using chalkboard and teacher as teaching aid. i think it is a worth analysis topic because when we work on it, study about it and we understand many things. you ‘ve given us what a chalkboard is and how we use it. that”s beautiful! However i think you should add some prediction about how easy teacher and student can complete their lesson and their learning by using chalkboard. you can say why chalkboard is an effective teaching aid because the chalk board is the most available in most of the classroom because our country hasnt been sufficient to support all schools new modern equipment. and i see the roles of teachers at the second points of you writing. i think we can not name all of the roles of teacher in classroom because they are too many to count. we have to base on each lesson to have a sight of teacher’s roles. Therefore you mentioned the common and dominant roles. that’s better. thank you so much. I’ve known soething helpful from reading your post

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