Using song in teaching English for children

        As we know, song is exist in our life. It help relax after hard-working day. Furthermore, you can’t know that song is effective tool for teaching and learning. Through song, you can learn about feeling with country, people, scene. Replace for hard theory, you can learn with tune, rhythm, you can easily to lean, to remember. And, nowadays, using song to teaching English is effective methods.

     First, song help children relax in lesson. Song with funny  rhythm will help children comfortable. when singing you can dance or with body action , children will feel funny, active in lesson . The teacher also have to introduce clearly and use the simple gestures or body language which the children can understand to do immediately. These activities are very interesting

      Second, you can use song for every task in lesson. you can use song in warm up to motivate student. Through the song, teacher can teach vocabulary, grammar, pronuntiation, …. For example, in song “weather song”, children can learn structure ” What’s weather like today?” to ask about weather, and way to answer it. In addition, children can learn adjective to describe about  weather such as rain , sunny, snowy, windy,…. Song can use in to relax or review lesson.  Song with rhythm , student can learn about weak form, strong form, stress, intonation. Moreover,  with my experience, I fell song is easy remembering .

           When choosing song for children , we must be careful. Teacher need choose song suitable with content of lesson , relate to topic. Specially, song must suitable with level of pupil. With children , song is not very long with , too many word. Another ones, with each song you can apply in other task and different part in lesson and action in song. Otherwise, teacher can review song through week to week to enhance lesson

In sum up, song is effective tool to teaching English for children. I hope your sharinh will help you in using song. Thank for reading!


2 thoughts on “Using song in teaching English for children

  1. good morning Xuan! the first thing i would like to do is to thank you about your sharing. your writing is very helpful and meaningful for me and other students teachers. i agree with you when you show two dominant effectiveness of using song in teaching English for very young learners. as you said song helps students relax and becomes a tool for teachers to design many types of tasks. it’s alright.seccondly, in the nearly ending paragraph, you dont forget to add the recommendation for teachers when choose song to teach English. I think you can mention the case of having no song support the lesson so that teachers can use the rhyme of this song to make another song if neccessary. last of all, I must say thank you for you contribution

  2. Hi, Xuan !!! I’m Thuy Van.
    Firstly I want to say thank you very much for your writing. After reading your writing, I want to give some comments.
    It is clear that you mention to the positive effects of using song in teaching english for kids. They are very specific and interesting. I can see that you like this method and find information carefully.
    However, I think you should say more about how teacher can teach song for student in the class. Which techniques teacher can use and how to make students pay attention to the song.
    That is all my ideas I want to share with you. Once again, thank for sharing ideas.

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