What I leant from film “Taare Zameen Par”

I have seen this film; I think I will see it many times because I really like it.
It is not only very useful for who want to become a good teacher but only who are parents.
I want to mention the advantage for parents first. Parents always love their children in many ways and their love consist of many expectations but some time their children are under pressure so much from their parents ‘expectation.
Ishaan is model belong to people group using mainly left brains, he likes imagination, art and be so succinct. He does not know how to tie clothes, shoes and write the number in right way. School is a place which only checks understanding of who use right brains mainly. These children are good at science subjects such as Math, History, Biology, Information Technology, English….therefore he is known as a “special boy” which means strange in idiot way and be not as same as his friends and his older brother who is always good at many things. Ishaan got many trouble in school. Every his thought makes his action become crazy in everyone views. Because of his idiot, his parents and his teachers are very worry and sometimes angry. They thought that having no way to treat his disease “bad at everything”. They took him to others school which he thought that he would be punished. But in this place he met his Art teacher, Nikumbh who had ever been in the same problem when he was young and it was very difficult for him to overcome, so he understood every trouble Ishaan had. He saw that Ishaan is very intelligent in drawing, his pictures is very beautiful and meaningful. He tried to help Ishaan overcome the difficulty. He knows that Ishaan got a symptom named” difficult to remember”. He cannot study well when he can’t remember knowledge. His teacher understands that this is a disease, Ishaan doesn’t make any mistakes. He helped Ishaan by his love, his understanding and his experiences. As a result without everyone’s expectation, Ishaan got over and became more intelligent in studying and Art which he likes most.
Throughout the film, I know that teaching is effective when based on understanding, loving and sharing. Let understand every problem of children before teaching them anything. Do not require the perfect on children in the first time. No one was a talent when they were born. I have read the book” TOI TAI GIOI, BAN CUNG THE”. Both this book and this film help me know more about many problem which can occur in teaching process.


One thought on “What I leant from film “Taare Zameen Par”

  1. Hi, Thuy! Thanks for your writing a lot. I agree with your sharing in this journal. Actually, I am so moved when watching this film. I also learned a lot from the film. To be a good teacher in the future, we have to learn to be a good listener at first. We are expected to be a psychologist who children feel free to share feelings and thoughts. Basing on their sharing, we can find out a good way to teach. That’s all I want to share. Thanks again for an interesting writing.

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