Classroom Management

The term “Classroom management” is used by teachers. This is process that teachers ensure lessons work smoothly in spite of students’ disruptive behavior. Classroom management is one of factors that have effect on the success of learning and teaching process. So, what teacher should do to make classroom management effective?

Firstly, imposing rules is really necessary for teachers to manage students in classroom. Teachers should use the simple phrases or short sentences to help students to remember rules easily. An important thing is that rules of classroom management are based on the unity between teachers and students. Teachers have to explain and make students aware the importance of rules in classroom. Students feel comfortable when using the rules so they will follow rules consciously. In addition, teachers should stick table of rules on wall but make change to it to hold students’ attention. It is sure that table of rules must be clear, large, attractive enough for all of the students in classroom to see easily. Importantly, rules of classroom have to be suitable to students and they can apply these rules outside class.

Secondly, it is important for teachers to use a variety of activities in classroom. Multiple activities create a positive atmosphere and helps teachers to manage students effectively as well. Teachers can let students take part in a game, sing the song or even teachers tell a funny story to stir classroom’s atmosphere when students are too silent and sleepy. On the contrary, if students do not concentrate on their lesson and make the noise, teachers can use some solutions to attract students’ attention. For example: using body language such as clapping hands, waving hands; using some instrument such as drum, whistle… Sometimes, teachers do not have enough time to teach a full lesson. In fact, an effective or ineffective lesson is related to teachers’ classroom management. Teachers have to organize and create classroom activities that can stir or settle classroom’s atmosphere. Besides, teachers should combine activities to motivate and take control of students more effectively.

To sum up, classroom management is an important factor in teachers’ teaching, so teachers should manage students carefully to have a better lesson.


One thought on “Classroom Management

  1. Hi Nhung, we have met each other again. I like your writing very much. Because they have many nice ideas and close to the real situations. Firstly, I see some good points in this sharing such as: The rules between the teacher and Ss. However, my question is “when and how do you give the rules?”. I think that it will be better if you mix some motivation methods (compliments, lovely gifts, good grades…) to make Ss feel more comfrtable. As your opinion, the role of the teacher is very important, is that right? So, what she/he can do to stir or calm down the children? My idea is that detail description and examples will make your writung more perfect. Thanks for your sharing!

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