Classroom Management


Classroom management is believed to be the key to the success of teaching and studying. Therefore, people said that ” Classroom management – Classroom survival”. To be honest, I think an excellent teacher with a bad classroom management is not as good as a normal teacher with a good classroom management. So, What does classroom management refer to ? and,  What techniques can help teachers manage classroom well ? In the following part, I would like to tell you more about that.

Firstly, What does classroom management refer to?

Classroom management refers to a variety of skills and techniques that teachers use to keep students organized, orderly, focused, attentive, on task, and academically productive during a class. When these techniques are used successfully in managing classroom, teachers can minimize the behaviours  that impede learning for both individual students and groups of students, while maximizing the behaviors that enhance students’ learning.

Secondly, What techniques can help teachers manage classroom well?

There are many different techiniques as well as strategies involved in managing a classroom. However, in my writing today, I would like to introduce to you some main points.

– Establish clear Expectations and Consequences.
This method can be done by 2 ways : setting clear rules and procedures, by providing consequences for student behaior. Setting rules and procedures should cover the student’s activities such as group work, seat work, transitions, interuptions, use of  materials and equipment, and beginning and ending the period or the day. Limit the rules to no more than six, seven and Post the rules in the classroom. Moreover, these rules and procedures should be established through discussion and mutual consent by teacher and students to get the approvals from all students.

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– Fairness is the key.
Students often have different feeling of What is and what is not fair. Therefore, it’s better for teachers to be unbiased anyone especially the good students. If even the excellent students do somthing wrong, they also get the same punishment as the others. This will help students in the class be social with the others and follow the rules completely.

– Be positive and consistent

The teacher is is the person that has the strong effect on students about different fields. Anyway, try to be a person that student can like and trust – fair, friendly, polite, enthusiastic and confident. Admit  the mistakes and keep being humorous.

– Don’t threaten or use sarcasm. Never use threats to enforce discipline. Never humiliate a child.

Do not threaten or any kinds of sarcasm to students in any cases. Never use threats to force students follow discipline. Also, never humiliate a child. These activities can cause a lot of bad effects to young children even they can get stress or be afraid of contacting with their friends.

To sum up, each strategies has their own effects in different situations. Classroom management is important but the decision of teachers to make the best suitable rules to the class is more important. Therefore, teachers should prepare themselves well and be flexible to change the methods to manage classroom suitably.



2 thoughts on “Classroom Management

  1. hi! thanks for sharing such the useful one.
    “classroom management- classroom survive”, it’s definitely true. that was the most inportant condition to have good students’ studying in the class. As you’ve wrote, classroom management is what teachers do in the class by using their suitable skills and techniques. and you also give some prominent techniques to manage the class well, such as establish clear Expectations and Consequences, fairness is the key, be positive and consistent, don’t threaten or use sarcasm, never use threats to enforce discipline, never humiliate a child.
    It’s very specific but I think you should give us some general ideas first to help us remember it easily. I means integrating it into the bigger points before going to specific ideas. It’s just my opinion. And about the rules in class, I thinks you should talk some more information about how to realize the rules effectively in class, or help students to remember and understand the rules, and see the need to implement them. For example, the rules should be limited the number in six, or seven, and also be concise.

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