How to teach telling story for children

After the lesson Telling story, I have known about why chidren like listening to stories. They want to know more about other world. The stories are simple to understand. The contants of stories are interesting. After each story, they got some good lessons which they meet in daily life.
This lesson is very useful because I was watched some DVD about how to Telling story to children. It is necessory for my friends and me who are become teacher of English in future. In the DVD, I saw that teachers always discribes the story or raises the exciting atmosphere at the begining of telling to ensure all student are understand and make the stories interesting. Some ways to begin the story are asking students some questions about the story, guessing the order of story, repeat new vocabularies. All teacher use clear, difference voices and delivery vary the page. The language is also clear and simple to make the stories easy to understand. The teachers make eye contact with student. Moreover, the teachers also use stress, emphasis… During tell story, teacher involves students in role play activity. The Korea teacher uses the toy to support the story. All that things make students are confident and excited. An other way is ask students to act some action in the story. Beside that teacer always checks that students are following thje story. I was wonder at the end of each DVD, the teachers enhances understand by asking some question what happend in the story, or retell the story by using picture…
It really interesting lesson for me. It is form which I will try to learn how to Telling story.
In concluson, I understand about:
-Story telling techniquies:
+ Use clear voice and delivery vary the pace
+ Use pauses to creat tension and time to understanding
+ Make eye contact
+ Support understanding and create interest
+ Use stress, emphasis…
+ Use clear and simple language

– Techniquies for enhancing understanding
+ Tell and retell the story using picture, prompts, real objects…
+ Give a purpose for listening and do something for children to do while listening
+ Pre-teach new vocabulary
+ Relate story themes to learner’s real lige experience
+ Ask children to predict what will happend in the story


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