How Would Story Telling Mean to Your English Teaching?

Firstly, I found that telling story is a good method to teach any language, notably

English. There are some benefits of telling story in teaching for young learners.


Expand vocabulary

In my opinion, more often children read, they will know more. Through telling story, we can help children learn newest or unfamiliar vocabulary.


This is the children’s ability to think creatively. When teaching, teacher use voice, gestures and visual aids to illustrate the content of the story in order to children can image what happen in the story. With a good homework and good story telling skill, we can make children think and imagine about how those things would appear. Such activities during story telling sessions will improve their knowledge and imagination power. By this way, children will improve their imagination ability quickly.


This is a mental skill needed to improve the learners’ creative performance through concentration and improve confidence by decreasing nervous or anxious emotions.

Listening skill

This means hearing what is said, understanding what is said and judging if the information makes sense. In class, the learners have to listen almost the class time and think a lot about story content at the same time.

Memory skill

This is the ability to recall information accurately. Therefore listening story can improve children’s memory skill.

Physical skills

The children have to use parts of their body to express some actions in tale of story. By this way, the children can improve their physical skill.

Story telling can become part of the family heritage and the memories of childhood as story telling always establishes bonds of love. Therefore, storytelling will be a good way for children to enjoy the life as well as English lesson.

Finally, I want to share the link of story “The Lion and the mouse”



One thought on “How Would Story Telling Mean to Your English Teaching?

  1. Hello, Linda. I’m Lien. Your writing about “How Would Story Telling Mean to Your English Teaching?” is quite clear and in detail. However, I think that your post will be more perfect when you add some following tips:
    Firstly, as you know, each story has their own human values which’re neccessary for building students’ personal qualities. Why don’t we present these values to our students. It will raise their awareness of the world arround them to be able to be good persons.
    One more thing should be added is ” improving knowledge”. After telling a story, students are always expected to find out the answers for the mystery or any problems. This is also the chance for them to improve their knowledge on a variety of topics.
    Here are some ideas that I want to share with you. Once again, thank you your post and I hope that you can consider some my ideas here.

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