Mutiple choice intelligence

Hello everyone, my name is sen. Today I will present to you about a variety of intelligences and the the way how to use them in different goals to bring to you many benefits According to Howard Gardern, every people have different intelligences. The theory of intelligences was proposed by Haward Gardern in his 1983 book ‘Frame of Mind’.The theory of intelligences that diffrentiates it into specific modalities rather than seeing it as dominated by a single general ability. He suggests that all people have different intelligences, and there are 8 kinds of intelligence he mentioned. They are linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, extrapersonal, spatial and naturalist intelligence Indeed, people have different kinds of intelligence, no one has all kinds of intelligence. For a good teacher.We should intergrate all of this in the classroom. The teacher has to be aware of how many kinds of intelligence their students have to apply to the students. For example For people who are good at language, it means that he has linguistic intelligence. The teacher should encourage them to express the language as much as they can. The teacher should also ecourages them to think in words and create the opportunity for them to speak English as much as possible. They can become a teacher of English, they can also go abroad to live or they can speak with foreigners easily. For students who prefer calculating, quantifying, using numbers or figures. It shows that he has logical-mathematical intelligence. The teacher should have the orientation for him to learn things that relates to sciences And about musical intelligence, someone who has sensitive ability to pitch, rhythym and tone they can hear the patterns, recognize them,and matipulate them.They should be equiped to become a musician Bodily- kinesthetic intelligence: They are interested in movement and use their body, they will use their whole body or parts of their body to solve the problem. These people are suitable for dancing and acting. Spatial intelligence: they think in pictures.They can learn through the pictures. Besides this, they have the potential to recognize to use the patterns of wide space, so this intelligence can be used in arts and in the sciences For people who have extrapersonal intelligence. It means that they can understand other people. They can interact with other people to participate in small groups to solve the problems that other people give them. On the other hand, the students can think about themselves and understand about them. They can be aware of their own strong points or weak points to achieve their goals.

4 thoughts on “Mutiple choice intelligence

  1. Hi, Miss Sen
    I’m Minh Trang. After reading your post, i have some comments for you.
    Through your writing, the readers can recognize a little bit about the multiple intelligences of human-being. You have supported the viewers with 8 types of multiple inteeligences and the examples about them. However, you did not give your own idea for teacher can apply this in real teaching activity. It seems that your examples are qiute general, not spcific enough for teaching activity. Thanks your post!

  2. Hi Sen!
    First of all, thank for your sharing! and then I have some comments for your writing.
    Firstly, your writing is quit good about both vocabulary and grammar. As I see that you have a number of vocabulary about this topic, it’s not academic words, but it’s not old words. You know the way of combination them with the context and use it well. I think both I and all people can be easy to understand and apply them for learning and teaching. You don’t have
    lots of mistakes in your writing although you often use complex sentences. It’s good!
    Secondly, the content of your writing is also quit good. It’s not too difficult to understand because you know the way to use simple words to express your ideas. You give some examples after giving the definition of these. I think it is the best way to help other people understand more clearly about your topic. You suggested some techniques that teacher can apply for their teaching. Moreover, through expressing the definition of these multiple intelligent, you suggested some ways for teacher find out the best characteristic of children and based on teacher help them develop better and better.

    However, there are some problems in your writing. Firstly, I think you should add more information about the definition of each kind of intelligence so that the reader can understand deeply your topic. it makes your writing become more interesting.
    Secondly, you should divide your writing into seperated parts: introduction, body and conclusion.
    Lastly, I want to say again thank for your sharing! Good luck to you! 🙂

  3. Hi Sen! I’m Huyền. I’ve seen your new post when I logged in this site so that I cant skip reading it. the first word i want to say to you is that thank you very much about sharing us your post. it is very brief and easy to understand. I realize that you focus on the role of teacher and some suggestion for teacher. that is very helpful for all of us when we become a teacher with our students. however, your topic is Multiple Intelligences so that I hope you will analyze briefly about 8 kinds of intelligences. Moreover, why don’t you add some cute pictures or images to illustrate your intention? I think it’s perfect when you do that. I hope you will mind my personal opinion at the next edition. Thank you all the ways

  4. I’m Dung
    Your post is quite interesting. You showed that what are mutiple intelligences.There are typical ways to teach for each intelligence. It help us understand how to teach students in the future. Thanks so much!

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