This song is used to teach students of grade 3, unit 2 “ My name is”. This song helps students be familiar with the structures : “ What’s your name? ” “ My name is …”. It gives chance for students to practice spelling name. Besides, after singing this song students will be acquainted with Linda, who is the main character in the course book “ Tiếng Anh 3”.

My name is

Hello hello what’s your name?

Hello hello what’s your name?

My name is Linda

My name is Linda


My name is Linda.


3 thoughts on “Song

  1. Thanks for your song. I am really interested in your songs. I feel that the song you choose is really suitable for young learners. It is simple and easy for students to learn. After This song students can know how to ask and answer the question ‘What is your name?’.and know how to spell their name. At home they can practice this structure with your friends. and after this song students can communicate with your friends a short conversation like this. Moreover. your voice is very good at singing. this is your strong points. Furthermore, you are very confident, which helps you to become a good teacher in the near future. Here are my comments. Thank you very much for this song.

  2. thanks you for your useful post . I think that this song is very easy for students to remember because of its simple lyrics . and especially with such a sweet voice like yours , the students will be interested in the instruction of teacher , so that they can learn the song more quickly ^^. . the most important thing is that , through this song , the student can practice the sentence pattern “what’s your name ?” to ask and answer about the name of each other.

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