Storytelling in English class – why not?

Storytelling in English class – why not?

In this journal, I’d like to share my ideas about teaching English for young learners. Particularly, I want us to discuss about storytelling in English class. Hopefully, you spend time to read and leave some comments.

Personally, I am all in favor of using stories as a material in the classroom. Firstly, children are fond of stories. Before getting into primary school, young learners get used to reading fairy tales every evening. Stories create magic and a sense of wonder at the world. Stories teach children about life, about themselves and about others. Besides, storytelling is also a good way for learners to develop an understanding, respect and appreciation for other cultures, lands, races and religions. Especially, stories make young learners have interesting images in the minds when listening to a story. Children get a lot of pleasure from the stories which are introduced in a lesson by teacher. Therefore, teaching by story telling is one of the best way of teaching, the teacher can use in any lesson presentations. Like Oxford Dictionary defines: “A story is a narrative of real or fictional events told in order to amuse interests or illustrates something”. A story is therefore the suitable method to teach young learners in primary school.

Secondly, storytelling is an interesting activity to employ in the class. Besides, the activity also brings many advantages which helps student gain many kind of skills.

Getting Verbal Skills

Becoming verbally proficient can contribute to a student’s ability to resolve interpersonal conflict nonviolently. Children practice their speaking skill regulary. It’s very useful that help them feel easy to express their ideas without shyness. So, clear communication is the first step to being able to ask for help when it is needed.


Both telling a story and listening to a well-told tale encourages students to develop their imaginations. Developing the imagination can help students to create new and inventive ideas. Developing the imagination can contribute to self-confidence and help them orient their hopes and dreams in the future.


Storytelling based on traditional fairy tales is the best way to guide young people constructive toward moral and personal values by presenting imaginative situations.

In short, I see some advantages of storytelling in an English class. I hope that we will use it as a useful tool to teach English.


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