“TAARE ZAMEEN PAR” is an useful film

“Taare Zameen Par” is an interesting and useful film, especially for students who want to become a good teacher. And I think I very like this film.

This film mention Ishaan, who is a little or unlucky boy, is a main character. At home, he does not know how to tie clothes, shoes and write the number in right way. In the school, everyone think he is a depressed student. He feels difficult to spell the letters and distinguishing the letters which are the same ones and cannot read and write in fluently as his friends. Unlikely to him, his elder brother is an intelligent students and he is been proud by his parent. Therefore, Ishaan always feels bored and alone because his parent only looks after his elder brother. However, not everybody does also dislike him. Nikumbh, his teacher always takes care of and takes advises to help him overcome difficult in the study and life. He recognizes Ishaan is very good at drawing, his pictures is very beautiful and meaningful. He knows that Ishaan got a symptom named” difficult to remember”, Ishaan doesn’t make any mistakes. He cannot study better when he cannot remember knowledge. Nikumbh is a great teacher because he always finds every way to help Ishaan study better, this is his love, understanding about his students, especially his enthusiastic. And of course, He is successful. His student overcame every difficulty to become a good student in studying and Art.

Therefore, we go back the factors which effect to brain of children and see environment and education are two important factors, if a child lives in a bad environment and his parent does not take care of him, he will be affected so much about his mind and energy. Through “Taare Zameen Par” film, I think that parents should not compare their child with others. Therefore, the attitudes and caring of parents is one of the factors which affect the development of children. Moreover, teacher is also an important person who can change a bad students become a good students. A good teacher is a person who always love job, students, understand reality students and have many experiences.

After this film, I very want to share with many people to they learn a lot of good things.



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