Taare zameen par (Like Stars on Earth)

Like stars on Earth- this is the first time I have ever seen a film of education and this is also the film that made a strong impression on me. How can I describe about my feelings after seeing this film? A big surprise about a special boy  and also a big sadness for the childs having the same problems like him around us.


This is the image of the liitle boy that made me sad a lots in the beginning of the film.  Ishaan is an eight-year-old boy  who struggles at school with reading and writing. This kind of desease have made Ishaan unable to focus on his studying except for excelling in art. However, his excellence in Art is not strong enough for him to have a good academic performance t school.  Even, his teachers as well as his friends always laugh at him and do not want to play with him. He becomes more alone and miserable when his parents decided to send him to a private boarding school. His tears on the face make a deep touched towards the viewers .


However, I’m also surprised at the new  art teacher, Aamir Khan. He discovers Ishaan’s dyslexic and with his effort and enthusiasm, Ishaan overcomes his disability and excel at what he loves, art.

This is really a meaningful film to us especially the educators. The film has changed the thoughts of all the teachers and parents of  approaching little childre and educating them in the most positive way. In addition, we can easily recognize that all the kids are very special and wonderful. Every baby is a star on earth.

In addition, after watching this film, I just think about the two following important questions:

– How can teachers approach students for the best results?

– How can the teaching medthods be changed to make students maximize their intelligences?

=> I think that after answering these two questions and finding out the effective methods, the quality of education will be improved a lot.



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