Teacher and blackboard for study

Teaching aids play an important role in studying. There are many teaching aids that the teacher uses in the classroom, but two main teaching aids are the teacher and blackboard. Howerver there is someone who doesn’t know how to use herself/ himself and blackboard as useful teaching aids.To use it to bring the most effective, the teacher need to have special techniques for example:

For teacher as a teaching aid, the teacher is the most important one in teaching knowledge for students, so during the lesson she/ he should have techniques to make his/ her lesson more effectively. Teacher’s voice shouldn’t be too loud or too small. The teacher should assure that the student can hear what she/ he are saying , sometimes he/ she had better go around the classroom so that the students can listen clearly, Besides this, the teacher should use a variety of facial expressions when expressing something. It depends on the circumstances of the lesson. Morever the teacher should use various guestures: arms and hands are very important. They can be used to describe action of teacher to help students understand according to the period of the lesson.              Another point is that the teacher should speak every time in the lesion, which makes students not to have time to chat with their friends. In addition to, the teacher have to work as a singer, artist and actor for example for teaching english, the teacher sometimes can use english songs to teach english for students, or she/ he should draw real objects to help them learn effectively, or sometimes the teacher should play the drama to help them understand the lesson clearly. Morever the eyes contact of teacher should be in friendly way, Which makes students love the teacher and have the enjoyment the lesson. Besides this, the teacher should use flexible body language. There is something that can’t express by verbal communication, teacher should use  his/ her body language to show his/ her ideals

Other useful teaching aid is blackboard. Besides the teacher, the blackboard is the second necessary tool in whatever class. The teacher can write something on it when teaching the lesson, So to use it the most effective the teacher should also have techneques for instance: when the teacher writes something on the board ,she/ he shouldn’t  cover what he/ she is writing. She should stand one side and go back to the class, which helps the teacher can oberve the class

Besides this, the teacher should devides the blackboard into 3 parts: the teacher should write important information in  the first two part. The other is to write the examples to help students to understand the lesson. Morever the teacher should write in straight line, which will help students observe clearly to write down the lesson on notebook easily. it also helps students to more concentrate

On the lesson effectively

To sum up, Teacher herself/ himself and blackboard are the most two important  teaching aids in teaching, so The teacher should maximine the effecience of herselve/ himself  and the blackboard  to teach students



2 thoughts on “Teacher and blackboard for study

  1. hi Dung! thanks for your writing!
    firstly, I agree with you that teacher and chalkboard are two important teaching aids. therefore, we have to know how to use it effectively to help student leaning well. in your writng, you mentioned many examples about this but i can’t see some general ideas. you only list the examples. I think it won’t be a perfect one if you do like that because when people read your writing, they can understand quickly, but they will be easy to forget it.
    And about teacher as teaching aids, you wrote very detail, but I think you should add more information about the using of chalkboard. the last thing I want to tell you is that you said that teacher should speak all the time in the lesson in order to prevent student from chatting with each other, is this really true? shall they be bored of teachers’ talking?
    it’s just my opinion. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  2. dear Dung, thanks for your caring
    i have some comments about your writing
    Firstly, as you said that teacher played an important role in the class. However, It’s unnecessary for teacher to talk every time in the lesson. Students- center is the approach we should follow, so we sholud let students do something as well as tell something in the class. For example, if teachers ask some question like Do you understand? or Is it interesting? of course, students will reply Yes naturally. instead of that, teacher should ask them such as How do you feel about this song? and so on, which encourages students to think and speak. Besides, the voice’s teachers should be changed in different situations. for instance, we students make noice, teachers must speak loudly with the strict facial expression. It’s very important. do not use the same voice during the lesson, which makes students bored.
    Secondly, it’s about the chalkboard- a teaching aid with many different purposes without the traditional usage.
    it illustrates procedures or the main topic of the lesson.
    it is used to organize many different GAMES.
    it is a stage for performance and competition
    Being a future teacher, we should learn carefully about the benefits of these teaching aids so that we can use them effectively for our children.
    thanks for reading.

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