Teaching aids

Nowadays, almost schools use the modern teaching aids. Teachers are encouraged to use them in teaching to make lessons become more interesting and informative. However, the old teaching aid – chalkboard is still used frequently because of several its benefits. Especially, teacher is also considered as a useful teaching aid.


First of all, chalkboard is an effective teaching aid to help teachers to deliver lectures. The teaching style of a teacher is how to this teacher give knowledge to students. And student’s attention depended on teacher’s teaching speed – fast or slow. If teachers have a stable teaching style, they will have a good way in reaching students. It is easier for teachers to take control of lessons’ speed by writing information on the chalkboard. So, students will have enough time to understand new knowledge and take notes.

Secondly, using chalkboard can help teachers to manage classroom. Students will be more serious and pay attention to their study when they are overseen by teachers. To maintain a productive learning environment, teachers have to aware the behavior and attitude of students. If student makes the noise in classroom, the teacher can call him or her to go to the board to write answers.

Thirdly, student can learn how to take notes information. Teacher’s writing on the board help students to know the way to take notes. Students do not write full sentences but write phrases.

Fourthly, the blackboard is always available to a teacher. The board is a fixed teaching aid in classroom, so teacher can use it anytime.

Finally, chalkboard can used as a large image. Sometimes, teaching English vocabulary need a lot of images to enhance a lesson. A teacher can draw anything quickly on the board to illustrate their explanation.


Teachers may have many roles in classroom:
1. A Singer: Do not need to use laptop and speaker. A teacher can sing songs to teach English for children.

2. An Artist: Instead of preparing the colorful pictures, a teacher can create a simple drawing with a piece of chalk.

3. An Actor: A teacher can use body language to help students understand lesson.

4.  A storyteller: A teacher can tell a story to make lesson interesting.

5. A dictionary: Students can ask teachers meanings of new words.


2 thoughts on “Teaching aids

  1. Hi Nhung. Firstly, thanks for your sharing. I have seen many good points and interesting ideas in your writting. I wondered that why don’t you give the examples for your them. I agree with you about the roles of the chalkboard and the teacher in the classroom. There are some points which I like very much: ” Teacher’s writing on the board help students to know the way to take notes” and “halkboard can used as a large image”. These ways are often aplied in my lesson. I often stick pictures on the board in the vocabulary section. And I saw their good results. It is very wonderful, is that right? Wish you will be a good teacher in the future!
    have a nice day! ^^

  2. Hello, Nhung. I’m Lien. I’ve just read your writing about teaching aids and I got many good points from your writing. We can’t deny that teachers and chalkboards are the useful teaching aids in classrooms. As you just said, chalkboard is always available in classrooms to help teachers control the speed of the lesson, manage classroom and teach student how to take notes like their teaches. What about teachers, I agree with you that teachers can play many roles in the classroom like a singer, an artist, an actor, a storyteller, a dictionary. It’s the truth that teachers are the persons conveying the content of the lesson by different ways. It’s these ways that make teachers become these characters like that. However, I think that you should add some more details about the main way that we use ourselves and chlkboard as teaching aids . About chalk board, why don’t you think about the use of colored chalks or some cute objects to make students pay attentions to the chalkboard as well as the lesson. Besides, you should tell more about our body language. Body language is the most useful factor for teachers to teach in class by using their hands, their gestures, their eye contact, their voice … to interact with students and make them understand quickly and throughly. It’s just some of my ideas, I hope that you and me as well can apply these techniques effectively for our teaching. Anyway, thank you so much for your writing !

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