The benefits of storytelling in teaching English for children.

Storytelling is a teaching activity which can exchange feelings and emotions and also can develop many different skills for children. Children are fond of listening and reading stories. Storytelling is considered as a main teaching strategy for getting the educational objectives.

First of all, storytelling can help children to increase their ability of memory. Children will remember the name of characters and order of events happening in story. To promote the children’ memory ability, teacher should ask student to retell the story that they have already listened.

Secondly, children will be able to get wide knowledge from storytelling. You know that primary students have only a limited understanding of social aspects. Storytelling will give them practical overview such as experiences, relationships and so on. Through the stories, children know about a variety of lifestyle, customs and cultures of different countries in the world. In addition, each story always exist good characters and bad characters, so children are capable of distinguishing between the right and wrong behavior. Also, children can learn the moral standards or moral values to orient their personality.

Thirdly, storytelling is a very important way to attract children’ attention. It makes children pay attention to learning, so they feel that English is an interesting subject.

Finally, storytelling can help children to improve skills such as listening and speaking. When teacher tell a story, children will focus on listening to her intonation, pronunciation and so on. After that, they will imitate the new words or the whole sentence. At the end of story, teacher should make several questions to ask students. For example, asking them to retell story, requiring them share their feelings to characters, encouraging them to create their own story. Therefore, listening and speaking skills of children will improve gradually. Besides, children will be easy to remember vocabulary and learn sentence patterns through the context and images of story. Story is regarded as a real situation, so children are possible to guess the meanings of new words and learn the way to use these words in a certain context.


4 thoughts on “The benefits of storytelling in teaching English for children.

  1. You should focus on how to telling story a little bit. Your writing just mention on why should we use telling story. In our country, telling story for children is not popular in class or it doesn’t bring good result because the teacher doesn’t know how to teach telling story effective.

  2. Hi, hongnhung.
    I’m Nga. Thanks for your writing. Firstly, I think your wrting is quite clear and it is simple to understand. You gave some advantages of using story in teaching children at primary school.In addition, you also explain it in detail which helps readers easy to understand. However, you should add more examples in the fourth paragraph. I think if you do it, your writing will be more perfect.

  3. Hi, Lan. I’m Thao. First of all, thank for your sharing a lot.
    I think your writing is very useful for me and others. Personally, I agree with you about the advantages of storytelling in the class. I remebered that when I was a child, I were attracted by stories which was told by teacher. I’m really love it. And I think students are also like it. Next time, I hope that we will disscuss about this topic more deeply.

  4. Hello Nhung! I am Linh. Thanks for your sharing. I read your writing and will give some my ideas.
    Firstly, form of your writing is really clear in order to reader can see.
    Secondly, the content is very simple to understand but it is quiet general. For example,”Thirdly, storytelling is a very important way to attract children’ attention. It makes children pay attention to learning, so they feel that English is an interesting subject.”. I think that you should give some specific examples that this problem become clearly to learner and reader.
    If you give your example, it will be the best effective.
    You also should emphasize some tools to teach children through stories a specific way. Therefore, teacher can choose and improve their teaching method better.
    Thanks for reading!

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