The incredible power of story telling in teaching language.






When I was a child I was attracted by the stories told by my teacher. All of us will stop our personal work and quietly listen to the voice of the teacher. The storis were so fascinating. Through the experience that I’ve shared with you , we can see that story telling play a very important role in teaching , especially taeching English.


 Story telling bring us many advantages.


 Storytelling and intercultural understanding


There are a number of ways in which storytelling can enhance intercultural understanding and communication. Stories can…


–  allow children to explore their own cultural roots


–    allow children to experience diverse cultures


–    enable children to empathise with unfamiliar people/places/situations


–     offer insights into different traditions and values


–     help children understand how wisdom is common to all peoples/all cultures


–     offer insights into universal life experiences


–     help children consider new ideas


–     reveal differences and commonalties of cultures around the world 


By telling stories to children, we can also give them tools for   compassion, harmony, beauty, peace and spiritual guidance, as well as the wings for imagination, empowerment, hope, freedom, courage and joy to follow them throughout their lives.


And at home parents can also tell stories for children because:the beginning of time story telling has helped children of all ages to build blocks for the skills they need to manage and enjoy their lives:


  • Tolerance – developing the ability to think and understand
  • Sensitivity – experiencing the joy and pains of life
  • Empathy – Learning and understanding others through compassion
  • Self-worth – Learning to feel good about themselves and experiencing the joy of being different
  • Knowledge – Learning to seek the answers to a mystery or problem
  • Communication and Language – Developing new skills

In short , story telling has a great deal of advantages, so it is recommended that teacher should have suitable strategies to use this subject in teaching languages.


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