The role of chalk board and teacher

Today, with the development of technology there are many teachers who use modern tools instead of chalkboard to transmit their lesson such as electronic lesson plan. With the help of projector, teacher can express the knowledge easily and chalk board is not used much times. However, projectors must not be equipped everywhere, there are many areas in our country are very poor, so chalkboards always play an important role as an essential tool in teaching students.

If everyone said that teacher likes a leader or instructor for their students, chalkboard likes a reliable secretary of that teacher. Chalkboard is where teacher uses to rewrite the important contents that she/he has just expressed in front of the class. It is often new definition or formulas and examples which help students easy to follow and take note.

Chalkboard likes as a course tool which teacher uses to transmit the new knowledge and review the old knowledge. Teacher can use to test the homework or compare comprehension level of each student. By dividing the chalkboard into same spaces, teacher asks two, three or four students go to the board and do tasks to assess their understanding.

Teacher can also use chalkboard and the space in front of the board to organize some activities for class such as play games(stick the board, guess the pictures, match words/pictures,…), role plays, do presentation, or share the ideas and so on.

Chalkboard is also used to make decorative frame for class meetings, anniversaries. Moreover, students can unleash their creativity on the board in these days.

If we said chalk board as an important technique, teacher is like a camera in classroom. In class, teacher can use their eyes to observe whole class, ears to hear each student in class so that find out the best method for children. And students must have postitive attitude to teacher’s guideness.

Teacher is a real object in class. It means teacher can use their parts of body to express, describe something, after that give the definition. This way is very simple to help student understand and guess.

Teacher likes student’s friend. Teacher can help their student if they need. Anywhen student get a trouble with learning in class, teacher can help them overcome the difficult.

 Teacher is also considered as a useful dictionary in class. Student can ask teacher about vocabulary, grammar, structure and so on.

To sum up, chalkboard likes an important tool for teaching and teacher likes a best guider. Chalk board is teaching aids that help teacher transmit his/her lesson effectively. And teacher always is a person who how to uses it to get the best result. To obtain this thing, teacher must be a good leader and students are positive and creative.



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