Use your chalkboard and yourself as the teaching aids

Teaching aids are tools that  teachers use to help their students learn quickly and thoroughly. A teaching aid can be as simple as chalkboard, posters, calendars, charts, drawings. As you all know, teaching aid plays an important role in teaching and conveying information to students. There are many kinds of teaching aids such as posters, computer, pictures, real objects, flashcards, etc. However, two of these important teaching aids are chalkboard and teachers which are very close to students and easy to do. So, how can we do to use chalkboard and ourselves as the teaching aids effectively. Today, I want to suggest some ways for us to use it successfully.

– Teacher

Although we now live in a high tech world and have access to a variety of teaching aids, there is one aid that is convenient, portable, uses no electricity, can be used effectively in light or dark and is available all the time.

Yes, That’s teachers

A teacher can easily involve students more in the lesson just by using what he/she has, that is

  • Using body language such as gestures, facial expression, eye contact, .. this is the most effective tool for all teachers in the classrooms. It can be used to explain the lesson naturally.

– Chalkboard :  It’s one of the traditional teaching aid but it’s very easy and effective for both students ans teachers.  Writing on a chalkboard makes it easier to control the pace of a lecture because it encourages writing while talking.
+ Children seems to be impressed by something cute and colorful. There, it’s better for us to decorate the chalkboard with some pictures or the magnets to stick the pictures on the board

+ Using various colored chalks to develop the topic, show the parts and build associations.

+ Using the colored chalks to highlight the important figures or the key points.

+ Using chalks to have both students and teachers draw something on the board. It’s easy for the others to follow.

+ To make a point, stop writing, let students catch up, then discuss.

+ Ss can imitate the way teachers write on the board into their notebooks; therefore, the board should be organized suitably.

=> In conclusion, I think that teachers and chalkboard are always these convienient teaching aids which should be used more in classrooms. I’m sure that it can help teachers save much time preparing for the lesson and even a large of money for buying the others facilities.

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