Using English songs- an intergal skill in teaching English for children at primary school

Using songs -An intergal skill in teaching English for children at primary school

Music plays an intergal part in the life. It makes the life more and more interesting and colorful. Music has significance to not only the life but also learning, especially for young learners.

Being a teacher, she has to perform a singer. It means she has to know how to sing songs. Sometimes, she can use songs to teach Engish for students. Using songs is an important skill for teacher, particularly English teachers. What are the reasons for this?

Firstly, English songs make students feel interesting and comfortable. In fact, songs help them to reduce stress after their studying. Besides this, it also helps students to relax, which will help students concentrate on learning and learn the most effectively. It is a useful way for young learners because they like both learning and playing

Secondly, when the teacher uses English songs to teach English for children they can enhance English listening skill. The pronunciation of lyrics is good. Thanks to this, students can pronoun the English words exactly. This is a way of listening English actively. Morever, when the teacher uses English songs to teach students have to pay attention to listen to songs the teacher teaches. If they don’t do like that they won’t sing songs and know the lyrics of songs. So they have to focus on the songs. It is very naturally

Another one is that  students can learn a lot of new words according to the songs. They will remember these new words for a long time. If they don’t remember they sometimes can sing songs again, it is natural that students will remember after singing songs. Ussing English songs is one of the most useful way for students to remember the vocabularly

Moreover, Songs create the melody, which helps students to speak English well. Melody is very necesssary in speaking English. If there is no melody in speaking English English sentences is really boring and there is no meaning. For example there is stress in English sentences it is more interesting. So melody is an intergal part in speaking English

Using English songs is an effective way to teach English for young learners. It not only helps students reduce stress, learn new words deeply, improve their listening English skill but also enhance their  English speaking skill.


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