Using songs in teaching language – a powerful method

Using songs in teaching languages has never been an out of date methods. Because children are always pay attention in something that’s active and lively. in my childhood , I often attracted by the fascinating rhythm of the English song for children. The lyrics is so easy to remember, and I found that I learn better by songs. That is the important role of using song in teaching language. This method bring a lot of benefits for students.

  1.     For reinforcing grammar points.some songs lend themselves naturally to teaching or reinforcing grammar points. They may be integrated into lessons with a particular grammar focus and provide much-needed variety, while contributing to the overall aim of a lesson. Particularly at lower levels when children are still learning, basic key grammar patterns songs can play a role as input.
  2.    Teaching vocabulary of a particular lexical group
    Research into child language acquisition has shown that lexical items may need to be repeated many times before they are internalised by the child. Songs provide an excellent means of repeating and reinforcing vocabulary and are suitable for children of all abilities.
  3. Developing Listening skills.Longer songs with a wider variety of structures and vocabulary are more suitable for the development of listening skills generally. Some of the songs on the website which are longer and more difficult are useful to develop general listening skills
  4.     As a stimulus for reading and writing.Many of the songs on the website have a topic or theme and it is therefore easy to extend listening skills into other areas. Some songs link into activity worksheets or quizzes which provide practice in reading skills in the same lexical area.

For those extremly useful advantages of songs in teaching language, the educator should have approriate policies to reache the maximum use of songs in teaching languages , especially English.


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