Using storytelling- An important skill in teaching English for young learners

Hello, everyone. Today I am talking to you about the importance of using storytelling in teaching English for children.
After ‘storytelling lesson.’ I realize that being an English teacher, storytelling is a necessary skill in teaching young learners. It is an creative method that makes children learn better
Firstly, when the teacher tells a story the children will become active in receiving information through the narrative of the teacher. They will more concentrate on lesson. In addition, they feel happy and comfortable when they are told the story. It is difficult to gain this in other activities because in other activities they only pay attention to the lesson for a short time. So storytelling helps children to develop cognitive ability creatively and systematicaly
Moreover, when the children are told a story they will develop their imagination. For example.when they are told the story they will have the opportunity to imagine a picture about what they are told. Then they will imagine what happens after that. They will associate themselves with the characters in the story. The most important thing is that they often evaluate what they find in the story on their own way.
Furthermore, storytelling also helps children to improve listening skill. In fact.when the teacher tells a story the teacher has to use their ears to listen what the teacher are telling. Besides this, they only see pictures, action, the guesture of teacher to understand the content of the story, storytelling will help them listen and undertand English easily
In addition, the storytelling of teacher will create the opportunity for children to interact with other students because they can play role as the characters in the story with their friends. They will become active
Another is the children will remember the new words, stuctures deeply according to the story that the teacher tells. Because they are acted, they are told by teacher. They also tell the story again
The last thing is Storytelling also makes children live better. It helps children to educate themselves. They will do good things like good characters in the story
And don’t do bad things like bad characters in the story because if they do bad things they don’t have a happy ending like bad chareacter in the story
To sum up, storytelling is a good way to teach our children. It helps children to develop cognitive ability, thinking, remembering new words and structures deeply, boosting listening skill and being more active


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