what color is the sun- unit 18( book 3)

an interesting song with many colors of the sky, the sun, the cloud, the grass and an apple. through this song, students can enrich their vocabulary of colors. for unit 18- the colors ( book 3). t

he lyric: what color is the sky?

it’s blue, it’s blue, it’s blue the sky is blue, the sky is blue

what color is the sun?

it’s yellow, it’s yellow, it’s yellow.

the sun is yellow, the sky is blue.

what color is the grass?

it’s green, it’s green, it’s green

the grass is green, the sun is yellow, the sky is blue.

what color is an apple? it’s red, it’s red, it’s red.

an apple is red. the grass is green. the sun is yellow. the sky is blue
here is the link https://soundcloud.com/phan-nhung/what-color-is-the-sun


One thought on “what color is the sun- unit 18( book 3)

  1. Hi Nhung! I would like to say thanks to you about your song and your lesson in our class! A very nice voice I’ve heard at Soundlound Website is very clear and easy to hear. as you know, I learnt by heart your song at the first time I heard it. The song becomes more beautiful with your group’s illustration. it is very suitable for a vocabulary lesson that teacher can design many activities during the lesson. In addition, we can teach students some grammatical structure that appear in the song. To be honest, it impressed me very much. if someone asks me what color song i can sing, it is immediately replied “The Color Song” that you taught me in our PELT class. I hope that you work on it more and make it diverse for different lessons. Eventually, I think you can generate many songs from the rhyme of this color song. That’s my thought about your song. Anyway, thank you very much !

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