What is your strength?

What is your strength?

Image that when you become a teacher, you assign your students to read a story and then summarize what they understand. One student immediately decides to make a tree map which show contradictions conflicts and relationships of characters in the story. Another student draws a comic depiction of several different scenes from the story. One student in the class composes a brief poem about the meaning of the story, while some students write creative essays from the view of one of the characters.

 It is very difficult to choose one of the most creative ideas and who is the best. However, based on the same story, the teacher can see each student’s individual strengths. Students who are good with visual information often prefer to work images, pictures. Students who are strong with tone, music or rhythm might like to compose poems, songs, while students who are good with words, have the variety of vocabulary might prefer to write about their thoughts and ideas.

In fact, in 1983 book, Frames of Mid: The Theory of Multiple Intelligence, Psychologist Howard Gardner wrote that intelligence is not just a single intellectual capacity. Besides, he suggested there are multiple kinds of intelligence that people can possess.

Visual: good with art and design

Linguistic: good with words

Logical: good with numbers and math

Bodily: good at action, movement and sport

Musical: good with music, tone and rhythm

Interpersonal: good at communicating with other

Intrapersonal: good at self- reflection

Naturalistic: good appreciating the world and nature

These are eight kinds of intelligence, it is necessary for educators especially for primary teachers. Because teacher can see, encourage and help children’s intelligence as soon as they are young. I think that, from this lesson I can change my minds about how to evaluate a person. Each person has one strength, so it is not only focusing on one their side to comment or evaluate, you need to see totally and objectively in order to find out their strengths as well as good characters. If you are teacher, you need to understand this multiple intelligence clearly to help your students develop better. 


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