Music plays an important role in our life. Music is also considered a form of international language. All everybody can enjoy and understand music, whether you are one, and where do you do. For children, the music brings back a lot of useful things. Scientists have provided reasons to explain why music will bring back many wonderful things for children, especially in teaching foreign language.

Firstly, music helps children remember vocabulary easier. Using English songs will be an effective way to increase vocabulary and the ability to memorize the words quickly and easily the most. For example, when learn the song about parts of   our body children can easily to remember some words such as head, shoulders, knees and toes. Music has rhythm, so children will be more interested in learning vocabulary.

Secondly, songs create a positive atmosphere. Besides singing, children can dance or play, it helps them more active. In addition, after a short break or when students feel asleep, singing a song is the best way to motivate them. Or ending the lesson, class can sing a song to practice and remember it.

Next, learning English through a song can help children improve their listening and speaking skill. Initially, you should instruct children read to understand the content profile song. Subsequently look for new words or phrases and you explain the meaning and how to pronounce those words. When listening the audio or teacher singing, children can realize words and remember the pronunciation. When they singing they can practice pronounce vocularies.

However, to make sure that teaching English through songs effectively, you should:

–         The meaning of words in the song is clear and easy to understand with young learners

–         The meaning, lyrics and rhythm of the song are easy to remember

–         The songs suitable with children in the terms of age, speed or meaning

–         The language in the song is bright, it is similar to the language they use in class or at home

In conclusion, using songs in teaching English for young learners has a lot of benefits. It can bring an improvement in vocabulary, listening, even speaking skill. However, being a teacher for children you should find how to use songs effectively.

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